Brooklyn Radio Presents: 100% Series


The 100% Series serves only as a dissertation for the depth and prosperity of Brooklyn Radio. Having had a plethora of widely acclaimed Hip-Hop artists – old and new – feature in their mix series, each piece prefaces the station with a somewhat concise summation of Brooklyn’s grand thesis. The likes of DJ Premier, Redman, Method Man, Mobb Deep and 50 Cent spread their fledgling wings across hours of timely mixed masterpieces by DJ Stick Man; there’s no loose narrative with the 100% series concept – it’s straight up hip-hop.

What Brooklyn Radio have done so brilliantly is undust those forgotten records by artists who have broken through the hypothetical glass window into stardom. In just over an hour it’s possible to gauge the musical progression of an artist; enjoy, appreciate but more importantly discover music that you probably never knew existed. Brookyln Radio really do feature the protagonists in the ever evolving story of modern day hip-hop. It’s the reason so many tune into their shows week-in week-out. The 100% series is a semi-vicarious sensory experience solely gratifying the listener in what they believe to be good hip-hop. Age is not, and should never be a variable when deciding what makes good music and nobody in the hip-hop game knows that better than Brooklyn Radio.

Brooklyn Radio have just released the Just Blaze edition of the 100% Series – listen below. Click through to their Mixcloud profile to view the entire 100% series playlist. 

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