5 Essential Tips For Entering The Mixcloud Online Radio Awards

Give yourself every chance of reaching the shortlists for the 2018 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards with these trusty tips. And don’t forget: the deadline to submit nominations is Thursday 26th April. Good luck!

1. Ask your friends and fans to nominate you.

Did you know…not only can you nominate yourself, but you can also ask your friends and fans to nominate you for a Mixcloud Online Radio Award? The amount of nominations you receive will be taken into consideration when producing the shortlists, so we encourage you to reach out to friends and fans and ask them to nominate you!

2. Tell us exactly what makes you, your station or your show different.

You’ll be given 150 words to sell yourself so think carefully and choose these words wisely! Submissions that demonstrate originality, flair and an innovative approach to online radio awards will all have a strong chance of reaching the shortlists.

2018 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards winner Gonesthedj
It’s free to enter the awards and you can nominate yourself, as well as nominate the shows and stations you love.

3. Pick a genre that you think most accurately describes your show.

Sure, this might sound obvious, but you’ll be surprised by how many submissions are entered into inappropriate genres. If you’re entering a show, take a minute to scan all the available genres and pick whichever one best describes your show. Then tell us why your show is among the best there is in this genre.

4. Submit an example show that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Your latest show might not be the finest example of your work. Look back over the past 12 months and consider what shows will help you stand out. From guest interviews to special themes, make sure you submit the example show you’re most proud of.

5. Don’t forget the deadline.

Add it to your calendar, write it down on a post-it note, tattoo it on your forearm…do whatever is necessary to make sure you don’t forget the deadline to submit your nominations, Thursday 26 April! And remember: every nomination counts, so encourage your friends and fans to nominate you up until the last minute.

Submit your nominations at mora.fm

7 reasons why you should enter the 2018 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards

Submissions are now open until 26 April. Don’t miss out!

1. Entry is free.

Entering the awards won’t cost you a penny. It’s our mission is to celebrate the very best independent online radio all over the world, and we want to provide an essential platform for presenters, DJs, stations and Podcasters.

The Mixcloud Online Radio Awards has always been a community-focused awards and we want it to stay that way. We make it as fair as possible for everyone in the online radio community, from bedroom radio presenters to established radio stations.

2. You can nominate a show, station or personality that is not already available on Mixcloud.

We launched the awards back in 2014 because we want to see online radio thrive. Therefore it doesn’t matter where you host your radio show, you will still be eligible to enter the awards if your show or station isn’t already available on Mixcloud (see our FAQ for more information about eligibility).

Although, if you happen to be interested in joining millions of other creators and getting your shows heard by listeners all over the world, then we encourage you to sign up and start using Mixcloud today!

Mixcloud Online Radio Awards

3. If you’re shortlisted, your listeners will get the chance to vote for you in the Listener’s Choice Award.

Along with the new look-and-feel for the 2018 awards, we’re also introducing a brand new Listener’s Choice Award, which will be open to the public.

This award will be separate to the individual category winners, which are chosen by a panel of judges, and will go to the finalists who receive the most number of public votes. Voting for the Listener’s Choice Award will begin when the shortlists are announced, so stay tuned.

4. You will be recognised by some of the finest names and organisations in music and radio.

We’re teaming up with more amazing partners than ever before for the 2018 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards. From cutting-edge magazines to leading manufacturers, these organisations will be helping to raise awareness about the awards, as well as judging the categories. This is a huge opportunity to get your nomination in front of some really influential people.

2018’s partners include Chalk & Blade, Crack Magazine, Crooks & Castles UK, Discobelle, Discogs, DJ Mag, Dummy Magazine, EDM.com, gal-dem, Groove Magazine, Hype Machine, London’s Live Comedy, MAEKAN, Magnetic Magazine, MISSBISH, Resident Advisor, Roland, The Quietus, The Vinyl Factory and Wormfood.

Snoochie Shy
2017 winner Snoochie Shy

5. It will take you less than 2 minutes to submit a nomination.

We’ve made it as simple as possible to submit a nomination. You’ll find links to the entry forms at the bottom of our website mora.fm. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via our support form.

6. There are 29 categories to choose from.

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing which category you want to enter. The 29 categories are split into four groups: Best Online Music Show, Best Online Talk Show, Best Online Radio Personality and Best Online Radio Station.

Tip: think carefully about which category you enter. The more relevant the category, the more likely your nomination will be picked as a finalist for the shortlists.

7. You can also nominate your favorite shows, stations and radio personalities.

Community really matters when it comes to online radio. That’s why not only can you nominate your own shows, but you can also nominate the shows, stations and radio personalities you love. The amount of nominations you receive will be taken into consideration when producing the shortlists, so we encourage you to ask your fans to nominate you for an award!

Submit your nomination now at mora.fm

2018 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards open for submissions

The wait is finally over. Today we open the submissions for the fifth Mixcloud Online Radio Awards, marking a fresh new direction for the annual event.

The 2018 edition of the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards, which are free to enter, features an entirely new look and feel, including a brand new Listener’s Choice Award that will be open to the public. We’re also proud to announce that this year’s awards will also feature more great partners than ever before, from acclaimed magazines to global brands in music.

Submissions for the awards will remain open through Thursday, April 26, during which DJs, radio presenters, Podcasters and stations can nominate themselves for an award, while fans can also nominate their favorite show station or personality to be shortlisted. The final shortlists will be announced on Thursday, May 10. To submit entries, please visit www.mora.fm.

The 2018 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards include 29 categories, which are split into “Best Online Music Show”, “Best Online Talk Show”, “Best Online Radio Station” and “Best Online Radio Personality”.

Founded in 2014, the awards are the world’s biggest celebration of online radio, with more than 10,000 entries submitted in 2017 — making it the awards’ biggest year yet.

The entries were whittled down to a series of shortlists before an expert panel of industry judges selected the winners, which included 2 Dope Queens – which recently went on to launch as a limited series on HBO – for “Best Online Talk Show: Comedy,” the electronic music radio show The Cookout for “Best Online Music Show: EDM / Big Room,” and Rinse France for “Best Online Radio Station: Europe.”

“Online radio has gone through so much change and growth since we launched the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards in 2014, and so much of that has been in the last year alone,” said Nico Perez, Co-Founder of Mixcloud. “From talk shows on important political and cultural issues to the hottest DJ mixes to the funniest comedy out there, these awards make for an annual who’s-who of online radio, and with the help of our amazing judges and partners, we can’t wait to find out where things stand this year.”

This year’s partners include Chalk & Blade, Crack Magazine, Crooks & Castles UK, Discobelle, Discogs, DJ Mag, Dummy Magazine, EDM.com, gal-dem, Groove Magazine, Hype Machine, London’s Live Comedy, MAEKAN, Magnetic Magazine, MISSBISH, Resident Advisor, Roland, The Quietus, The Vinyl Factory and Wormfood.

Judges for the 2018 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards include WIRED’s Miranda Katz, The Allusionist’s Helen Zultzmann, Ignition’s Stephanie Ng, WHYR-FM’s Marc Cohn and Mixcloud’s David Zhou.

Find out more about the awards at www.mora.fm.

Best of 2017: Radio stations

Most Listened To Radio Stations

Here at Mixcloud, we’ve been committed to redefining radio since our inception, so we’ve always eagerly watched what our global community of radio stations has produced.

The best radio shows have a particular energy that can’t be captured in any other medium. Here are the top 10 radio stations we spent the most minutes listening to on Mixcloud in 2017.

This list is calculated based on the total minutes listened per profile on Mixcloud.

10. Mi-Soul

Mi-Soul is committed to broadcasting the full range of soulful music. With a team of over 70 DJs, the station strikes “a fine balance between old and new music, paying homage to the past and provoking the future”.

9. Aristocrats FM

Broadcasting from Ukraine, Aristocrat FM’s programming covers everything from topical talk shows, disco mixes to comedy performances.


ΣΠΟΡ FM is a Greek sports radio station spanning the entire spectrum of the sports world. With close to 10 million listener minutes, the station’s success evidences the growing popularity of podcasts on Mixcloud.

7. Red Light Radio

Red Light Radio is an “online radio station broadcasting from a former prostitution window in the red light district of Amsterdam”. Profiled by us back in 2015, the station has gone from strength to strength since then.

6. Rádio FM

Rádio FM broadcasts alternative music from Slovakia and is dedicated to avoiding the commercial hits dominating the airwaves elsewhere. In any one week, you may expect to hear movie soundtracks, heavy metal or techno from Bratislava.

5. Soho Radio

Soho Radio transmits “an unrivalled mix of cultures, styles and genres”. Covering everything from pop to punk via reggae, soul and funk, this eclectic station is flying the flag for London’s world famous Soho region.

4. Radar Radio

Radar Radio is the sound of the global youth. Its ascent since its inception in 2014 has been nothing short of astronomical. Radar’s roster of homegrown presenters and its propensity to give opportunities to underground scenes worldwide meant that it was always at the cutting edge of 2017, which is reflected by its positioning in the top half of this list.

3. Worldwide FM

Part of Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide family, Worldwide FM has been one of our fastest growing radio stations this year. It’s managed to make an indelible mark on the online broadcasting landscape with its distinctive brand of eclecticism. Worldwide FM’s mission statement is: “Global club culture, legacy and beyond” and in our eyes, they’ve more than achieved that goal this year.

2. Brooklyn Radio

Brooklyn Radio has been committed to “supporting Brooklyn’s local DJs and music lovers since 2006”. Covering mixes across the entire musical orbit and talk shows on a wide range of subjects, the station is doing a great job of representing New York’s most populous borough.

1. NTS Radio

NTS Radio take home the number one spot for this most listened to radio station on Mixcloud in 2017. The station’s tagline is “Don’t Assume”, but you can safely assume that this online broadcasting giant will have been at the forefront of most discussions about online radio this year.

As evidence of its global ambitions, the NTS’ Los Angeles studio has really come into its own this year (and the Shanghai branch is bubbling up), whilst the core London and Manchester studios have continued to ensure our (electronic) airwaves have been enriched with experimental and eclectic vibrations.

Congratulations NTS!

Best of 2017: Jazz, funk and soul

Most Listened to Jazz, Funk and Soul

Mixcloud is teeming with crate-diggers and few genres allow these connoisseurs to shine quite like jazz, funk or soul.

Whether old or new, smooth or skronky, northern or quiet storm, multi-platinum selling or completely unknown, music from these three genres is impressively popular on Mixcloud and inspires some of the most exciting, innovative and listenable shows on the platform.

It doesn’t matter if you like to get down to James or Jaimeo Brown,  these top 10 most listened to jazz, funk and soul profiles in 2017 will have something for you.

This list is calculated based on the total minutes listened per profile:

10. The Retro Cocktail Hour

The Retro Cocktail Hour is hosted by veteran Darrell Brogdon. Darrell serves up music that’s “shaken, not stirred” every week from the Underground Martini Bunker.

The show is poured into glasses across America every week from the vintage bottle of public radio. If you like to sip on smooth jazz with a lounge flavour, The Retro Cocktail Hour is on the house for you.

9. dubbeldee

Creator of the Mo’Jazz radio show, dubbledee specialises in curating jazz shows with historical finesse.

Whether working through ‘A Decade of Jazz 1975-1985’ year-by-year or running specials on unsung jazz heroes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a show more doggedly dedicated to chronicling the remarkable recent history of jazz.

8. WhoSampled

Everyone’s favourite source of information on samples, covers and remixes, WhoSampled claims to explore the very DNA of music – and by all accounts they’re right.

Many of their mixes take the listener through the source material of the greatest sample-based albums – an incredible experience if you’re a fan of the biggest funk and soul artists.

7. The Jazz Pit

Curated by Irish crate-diggers Emmet Hand & Ian Scott (Bootsy), The Jazz Pit is a weekly show on Frission Radio. It started all the way back in 2005, and has grown to have fans all over the world.

With special ‘The Jazz Pit Digs…’ episodes going in deep on specific labels, The Jazz Pit give one of the best ways to dig deeper into the world of jazz, soul and funk. If you like looking underground for your music, dive headfirst into The Jazz Pit.

6. Pete Smith (Planet Records)

Pete Smith sells northern soul and ska 45s by mail-order under the name Planet Records. From what’s on show via his Mixcloud profile, you’d better believe he’s got the goods.

Pete uploads a wonderfully mixed bag – northern soul, rocksteady, ska, reggae, 60s obscurities, and post-punk – but consistently makes one of the most glorious rackets on Mixcloud.

5. DJ Mr Lob

DJ Mr Lob is a Melbourne-based DJ and hardcore music collector. Having been active on the Melbourne DJ scene since 1999, he’s certainly put in the time to be a mature, carefully soulful selector.

While DJ Mr Lob’s live sets are generally an eclectic blend of funk, soul, jazz, hip hop, reggae, afrobeat and latin, his online mixes tend to be deeper dives into specific genres and themes. He claims that no matter what, he’ll only play tunes with “a real funky, jazzy and soulful sensibility”.

4. The Soul Preacher

Hallelujah! The Soul Preacher does what it says on the tin – evangelically spreading the good word about the best soul and jazz music, from Aretha Franklin to Barry White.

Mixing from vinyl and often curating around interesting themes and people, this is a very special selector with some of the best mixes on the platform.

3. Professor Eddy

From Groningen in The Netherlands, Professor Eddy describes his style as intimate funky soul or ‘funky chill’. Within the boundaries of his own genre, the funky Professor delivers a fantastic array of luscious music.

If you want to learn a thing or two about music that grooves hard – but not too hard – then get front-row seats at one of the Professor’s lectures. By which we mean: listen to his incredible shows on Mixcloud, and get intimately schooled.

2. Soul Cool Records

Our number two spot goes to someone who claims to not be “a DJ per se”, or even “someone with a musical ego.” Instead, Soul Cool Records identifies purely as “an eclectic listener and purveyor of good music”.

Soul Cool Records aims to collect some of the best vintage and rare soul, jazz, funk and disco, often from the 70s and 80s. This mishmash of music is loved by a large chunk of the Mixcloud community, and Soul Cool Records deserves to be pretty happy with the silver spot on this Best Of list.

1. Jazzcat

This year’s number one most listened to jazz, funk and soul profile on Mixcloud goes to Jazzcat, the alias of Massimiliano Conti. A truly passionate music lover from Pescara in Italy, Jazzcat honed his skills from years spent DJing in local radio stations and clubs.

In September 2010 Massimiliano joined Mixcloud, where he’s been stacking up impressive stats and an incredible collection of almost 500 mixes. He quite rightly prides himself in spinning the very best in classic and modern jazz, soul, funk, latin, afro and Brazilian music.

Best of 2017: Most listened to female shows on Mixcloud

Most Listened To Female Shows

Which female shows did you listen to the most in 2017? From four-to-the-floor mixes to relaxing lounge vibes, we’ve rounded-up the top 10 shows by female DJs and selectors, which you spent the most minutes listening to this year.

These shows might not have quite made it into our overall top 10 most listened to shows, but they deserve a special mention in our end-of-year ‘Best of’ lists nonetheless.

This list is calculated based on the total minutes listened per show.

10. ‘Si – Dusk [enr40]’ by BØC

There’s a lot to like about Hungary-based DJ BØC. Whether it’s her uncanny ability to pick out the finest melodic electronica or her sheer talent at crafting an hour-long mix, BØC has spent the past few years building a legion of loyal followers on Mixcloud.

‘Si – Dusk’ aka ‘Experiment number 40’ is perhaps her best work yet; over 70 minutes of atmospheric techno and house, featuring huge tracks from Anton Boyar, Joris Voorn and more.

9. ‘My Fangtasy Vol 116’ by DJ Vampire

Whether it’s trance, EDM, deep house or old-school mashups, Prague’s Jana L aka ‘DJ Vampire’ is focused on one thing: dancefloor fillers designed to make you move.

In one of her most popular shows to date, she expertly blends classic remixes from Dario Nunes, anthems from Thomas Gold and more.

8. ‘Best of 2PM Mix’ by DJ MojA

Unless you’re a fan of K-pop, you’ll be forgiven for not knowing about DJ MojA. The Tokyo-based DJ has been quietly establishing herself as the go-to source for all things K-pop and K-hiphop on Mixcloud for the past few years.

7. ‘Ocean Spray’ by Ocean Spray

DJ Linny’s message is simple: “My passion is smooth jazz, R&B and of course lounge. Anything that makes you want to sit and chill after a hard day”.

August’s ‘Ocean Spray’ is DJ Linny at her best. Blending sunset grooves with relaxing house, expect over an hour of music you’ll want to listen to after a ‘hard day’.

6. ‘2017 New Year’s Dance Mix’ by DJ Chrissy

From Christmas sing-a-longs to dancehall club hits, DJ Chrissy’s shows have a habit of delivering the unexpected.

In her ‘2017 New Year’s Dance Mix’ she teams up with DJ Den Imasa to deliver new and old party anthems. It’s 80 minutes of guaranteed crowd favourites.

5. ‘BBC 1Xtra RnB & Hiphop 2000-2005’ by Emily Rawson

Emily Rawson is one of the UK’s most in demand DJs and promoters. Her club night, Supa Dupa Fly, ranks as one the biggest throwback Hiphop & RnB nights in the country, while her all female brand, Rock The Belles, is pushing gender boundaries in music by championing female DJ talent.

This ‘RnB & Hiphop 2000-2005’ mix is Rawson doing what she does best; taking listeners on a nostalgic trip back to the biggest hits of the era, from the likes of Aaliyah, Usher and Jagged Edge.

4. ‘In The MOOD – Episode 178 (Part 1)’ by Nicole Moudaber

Nearly 200 episodes in, ‘In The MOOD’ is fast-becoming one of the best techno radio shows in the world. Listeners tune in every week to hear Nicole Moudaber deliver her trademark techno grooves, whether it’s recorded in a studio or at one of her many live events.

Episode 178 (part 1) sees Moudaber go B2B with Dubfire and Paco Osuna, and was recorded live from the Resistance Closing party. Another example of why she’s one of the finest DJs on the circuit right now.

3. ‘Best Before: Maya Jane Coles’ by Maya Jane Coles

2017 has been a crucial year for Maya Jane Coles. Her ambitious double LP ‘Take Flight’ won her new fans in the dance world, while tours in Ibiza, the US and at home in the UK, kept the London-based DJ-producer busy throughout the year.

In this mix, recording live for Channel 4’s Best Before show, Maya Jane Coles shows off her strength at combining dark, hard-hitting techno with lighter shades of house.

2. Defected In The House Radio Show: Sam Divine Takeover’ by Sam Divine

The Defected In The House Radio Show has become a staple for dance fans all over the world, mostly thanks to its host, Sam Divine.

You’ll struggle to find a more passionate fan of house music than Divine. Better still, she’s simply a brilliant DJ, which you can find out for yourself in this special ‘takeover’ episode of the Defected radio show. The show features a live recording of Divine’s killer debut headline set at Ministry Of Sound.

1. ‘Yearmix 2016’ by Juicy M

Regularly topping the Mixcloud charts, Juicy M is a familiar name among Mixcloud listeners who favour everything from electro house and dubstep to bass and trap.

The Barcelona-based DJ has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of the best dance-selectors on Mixcloud and her “Yearmix 2016′ show is perhaps her best yet. Delivering on all the things you want from a year tribute mix, this show is packed with party anthems and club hits all the way to the end.

Digging for lost treasure: The 10 most popular Music Is My Sanctuary shows

10 years ago, Alexis Charpentier aka ‘Lexis’ founded the independent website Music Is My Sanctuary to unearth music’s finest “forgotten treasures and future classics”. Today on its 10th anniversary, MIMS is now one of the world’s finest sources for rare jazz, electronic, hip hop and dance music, and attracts a growing legion of crate diggers and music heads.

Spurred on by an infectious passion for discovering new music, Music Is My Sanctuary also presents a popular mix series on Mixcloud, often hosting guest mixes by artists and DJs who share a similar open-minded vision about music.

To celebrate the website’s 10th birthday, we asked Lexis to share 10 of the most popular Music Is My Sanctuary shows and explain why they’ve played an important role in defining MIMS’ enviable legacy.

1. Onra – An Introduction to Rap Français

“The supremely talented French producer known as Onra goes back to his roots with a mix that is both an educational session and a collection of absolute bangers. 39 tracks from the Golden age of French rap. The second edition of this mix is also an absolute must.”

2. Lexis’ Breakfast Mixtape – Side A (Early Breakfast)

“This mix was made as a limited-edition cassette for a collaboration event with a Breakfast collective in Montreal. Two 45-minute sides featuring different vibes to enjoy croissants and mimosas on a sunny Sunday morning.”

3. Lefto – Good Morning Sunshine

“Our good friend Lefto put together a very special 90 minute morning selection for us a few years back. As expected, it’s a deep selection that works the angles between jazz, soul, rap and beats.”

4. Walla P – Tribute to Kashif

“Walla P who hosts the regular Voyage Funktastique Modern & Classic Funk show pays a wonderful homage to the legendary artist and producer Kashif following his passing in 2016. Expertly executed, this one’s bangin’ from start to finish.”

5. Henry Wu – MIMS Guest Mix

“Over the years we’ve hosted around 100 choice guest mixes from artists & tastemakers we love including Tall Black Guy, Zed Bias, Ta-Ku, Mad Mats. This great session from Henry Wu comes from about three years back. At that point he was already starting to make a lot of noise, and it’s been great to see his progression since then!”

6. Lexis – It Happens Every Spring Spring Vol. 1

“For the past 4 years, Lexis has been putting together a very special session dedicated to the first few beautiful days of spring after a long winter. Every mix is filled with spiritually uplifting selections across genres and eras.”

7. Prince Klassen – Tribute to Yamashita Matsumoro

“NYC’s Prince Klassen goes deep in this tribute to the legendary Japanese artist, producer, and arranger Yamashita Tatsuro. These 14 hand-picked cuts serve as a perfect introduction to one of most prolific and influential musicians of the ’70s and ’80s.”

8. Kobal – Tribute to Marvin Gaye

“Kobal is one of the finest record diggers in Montreal. He’s put together some great tribute mixes for legends like Nina Simone, Gil Scott-Heron, and Jimi Hendrix. On this one he goes deep into the Marvin Gaye section of his crates to pull out some lesser-known gems as well as some classics.”

9. Onra & Lexis – Throw Em Up Vol. 2

“Onra & Lexis started a side project a few years back called “Throw Em Up” dedicated to their love of ’90s R&B; more particularly the sound of ’93 to ’96. On this second edition, they go one step deeper and showcase a ton of rarities and rare 12” versions.”

10. Spacewalker – Balance Best Of 2016

“Spacewalker, our main man in beautiful Belgrade, Serbia hosts the monthly Balance show which has been running for over 10 years and is a huge influence in his region. At the end of every year he does a recap of his highlights, and this one is the recap of 2016. We’re honoured to be able to share his show with the rest of the world!”

Photo credit: Bruno Destombes

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