• What Is Mixcloud?

    What Is Mixcloud?

    Music connects us.

  • A Fast Guide To Your New Mixcloud Channel

    We’ve made some changes to your page.

  • 10 Best Music Copyright Facts You Need To Know

    Whether you’re a DJ, musician, or content creator, you should understand music copyright, your rights and the rights of others.

  • Why We Built The Option To Go Live From Your Browser

    If you have been keeping up with Mixcloud updates, you will have noticed that we recently rolled out the option for creators to go live directly from their browser.

  • Why Mixcloud doesn’t offer on-demand video (VODs)

    Since Mixcloud LIVE launched last year, we’ve had a regular question from users: why doesn’t Mixcloud offer VOD of live streams? YouTube, Facebook and Twitch offer the option to archive their live streams as an on-demand video (commonly known as a “VOD”). Unlike these other platforms, Mixcloud doesn’t offer VODs. Instead, we archive live streams […]

  • We Live and We Learn: 4 Lessons We Learned After a Year of Mixcloud LIVE

    When you come through for your community, they will do the same for you. We launched Mixcloud LIVE in early 2020 in response to a demand for live streaming; isolated Creators needed to continue creating despite this global pandemic. But we could have never predicted the cultural shift that happened alongside it.  The past 12 […]

  • Mixcloud 101: New Mixcloud LIVE Feature – Unlisted Streams

    We’ve just launched a new addition to the Mixcloud Pro creator toolkit: You can now stream in confidence on Mixcloud LIVE with our new Unlisted Stream feature! As a Creator, you’ll now see the option to set your stream as Unlisted before you go live — a perfect solution for testing your tech set-up, going […]

  • Bye Bye, Mixcloud LIVE Beta!

    In April 2020, we fast-tracked our plans and launched Mixcloud LIVE in beta. Our mission was and continues to be simple: build the world’s best music live-streaming platform. We know that nothing will ever beat experiencing music in a real venue with friends, but while clubs and concert halls are locked down we’re trying to […]

  • Takedown Troubles? Artists that get played, should get paid

    Artists that get played should get paid. This is the foundation of the modern music ecosystem. When streamers and DJs are hit by music copyright takedowns on other platforms, it’s because those platforms have not – for whatever reason – secured the right music licenses. They are not paying the artists that are getting played. […]

  • Missed a live stream?  Mixcloud Live introduces the ability to legally listen again

    A little over four months ago, we launched a new music-focused live streaming element to the Mixcloud platform. Today we are announcing the ability for creators to save an audio archive of their broadcasted streams to their profile, so that fans can listen again. We are uniquely able to do this thanks to our bespoke […]