5 Amazing A&R Tips For Up & Coming Producers With Naina

The NTS Radio host and co-founder of Hooversound Recordings shares gems on how producers can stand out from the crowd.

If you’re an up and coming producer looking to increase your profile and get your music heard, it’s amazing how much of this lies in your control. You can set yourself up for being discovered in many ways, and with an abundance of record labels, radio stations and forums looking to break new and exciting music, the possibilities are endless.

But how exactly do you get your music out there? We checked in with one of UK club music’s most exciting names to learn more. Naina is a DJ, radio host for NTS Radio and co-founder of Hooversound Recordings, one of club music’s newest and most active record labels. No stranger to new music, her monthly sets on NTS and her label showcase tracks and productions from a wide range of influences.

Scroll down for Naina’s top tips on how to get discovered as a producer.

Only send your best tracks

Naina: “Quality over quantity. Send your best tracks [to labels or radio stations] for consideration – not 50 songs! Send a streaming link and a download link because I personally like to test some of the demos in DJ sets or radio shows to see how they go down with a crowd or audience.”

Use social media as a tool

“Creativity and consistency are key. Don’t be too quick to write off social media; use it as a platform in a creative way to make your music heard. Think of unique ways to send your demos and what to put in your email that makes you stand out from the rest.”

Make edits!

“Make radio edits of your music. Whether it’s a rap track or a seven minute long techno track, community radio stations and underground radio might play the track and it might be heard by the right person and it might get signed.”

Collaboration can help you

“Be open to collaboration. Whether that’s how the track or EP sounds, who to feature on it or who should remix it, the whole music making process should be a collaborative effort. Throw some wild ideas around; the bigger and more adventurous you go, the better it will be for you.”

Stay updated on what labels are doing

“Just keep going. Don’t get disheartened, be patient. Keep an eye on what your favorite labels are up to and what their release schedule looks like and see where you could possibly fit into that.”

Photo credit: Jonathan Denyer

Catch Naina spinning live this summer at We Out Here Festival, Coalesce Festival and more, or listen to her monthly sets on NTS Radio.