5 Steps to get started as a Radio Station on Mixcloud


Join the largest community of radio stations online such as KCRW (LA), Absolute Radio (London), Brooklyn Radio (NYC), and reach a new audience online through Mixcloud!

1. Create a profile for your station, and ask your presenters to create their own profiles

Go to, click sign up and follow the easy steps. Remember to add a photo and description. Our top profile design tips are here.

2. Connect your social media accounts

This helps make it very easy for your fans to find you everywhere on the web. Your connections will show up in your description area.

Plus – if you connect Twitter, your uploads will be automatically tweeted, and listens + favorites by your listeners will automatically be tweeted containing your Twitter handle. More info here.

3. Start uploading shows 

It’s really easy to upload on Mixcloud, you can add details such as adding an image, title, tags etc. Our advice is to make your uploads look as neat as possible, and use the power of tagging to your advantage – more tips here.

4. Ask your presenters to repost

Repost is a very useful feature for radio stations, allowing users to repost your uploads onto their own profile, meaning more exposure for you and and your content.

A great example is London based NTS Radio: an independent station with dozens of presenters. You can see individual presenters such as Floating Points & Four Tet, the Rough Trade record store, beats maker Kutmah, or record label Erased Tapes reposting their NTS shows onto their own Mixcloud profiles.

5. Promote your profile and embed your shows

To reach the widest audience, you have to remind your fans about your content by sharing it on social media but also by embedding the shows on your own website. Our embeddable player widgets are similar to Youtube videos, and enable your shows to be playable on any webpage. More info here.

Best of all, Mixcloud offers FREE unlimited hosting and covers royalty payments on your behalf.

If you are interested in upgrading to a PRO profile you can find all the details here:

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