World Wide Vibe: Canadian Creators On Our Radar

As part of our new World Wide Vibe series, we’re spotlighting Canadian artists, DJs, and creative powerhouses that are pushing their local scenes forward. 

Toronto and Montreal have one of the most diverse music scenes in North America, both culturally and musically. But it wasn’t until artists like Drake or The Weekend that the world started paying attention. In fact, the local music scene is brimming with potential and we’d like to spotlight that through the Creators who have been leading their creative communities.  So, on June 18th, we’re hosting a day-long, back-to-back streaming event led by local collectives like Club Quarantine, New Currency, and Moonshine. We’re handing over the platform to these Creators to champion their own lineup of rising Canadian talent. 

During their many lockdowns, it was local artists who kept Canada’s nightlife industry connected. Creators who live-streamed every night, weekend, sharing content religiously — hustling to keep their creative communities connected and evolving. So, get to know some of our favorite, rising Creators in Canada right now:

Club Quarantine 

Club Q is a collective, community, and unadulterated safe space for LGBTQ and BIPOC music lovers worldwide. Founded by four Toronto-based DJs, Brad Allen, Ceréna Sierra, Mingus New, Club Q hosted parties with Charlie XCX, Rico Nasty, and many others. Make sure to check out their live stream on June 18th featuring Myst Mylano and others! 


Karel Chladek

Toronto based DJ/producer Bambii has been making waves worldwide with her innovative, “future dancehall” sound. She came up DJing and has been described as “the life and soul of the Toronto club scene.” Now she’s releasing her own music, with the most recent song being “TRUCK RIDDIM.” She’s also known for a rowdy party series called JERK, if you’re looking for a night out you won’t forget. 


Montreal-based DJ Shaydakiss is known for her eclectic sets mixing house, techno, funk, and disco. Also known as Shadi Assadi, Shaydakiss has been coming up in Montreal for quite some time. She’s played local festivals like Osheaga Music Festival, Igloofest, Piknic Electronik, AIM Festival, and morel. With that said, she continues to throw down monthly parties, and considering she doubles as an artistic director, they must be quite the experience! 

New Currency

New Currency

New Currency is a Toronto-based collective, community, and “global youth platform dedicated to the exchange of ideas.” Not only do they curate experiences and parties in cities like London and Paris, but they also host radio shows, podcasts, and panel discussions. New Currency values documenting culture above all, as Creative Director Kazeem Kuteyi explains in his interview with Complex.  They’re most known for their 200-page plus print magazine documenting “culture and vibes” globally. Fun fact, Bambii was the cover of the first edition. What’s more, New Currency is participating in the World Wide Vibe stream on June 18th, so make sure to check them out! 


Kris Krug/Creative Commons

One of Montreal’s most popular DJs, Lunice is also a producer known as half of the duo TNGHT.  Born to a family of Haitian and Filippino immigrants, Lunice found inspiration in Montreal’s diverse hip-hop community. He came into music as a B-Boy, dancing competitively for 701 squad but also experimenting with graffiti, beatboxing, and ultimately scratching. If you listen to his sets today, it’s clear how Lunice was influenced by DJ masters like J-Dilla, Madlib & 9th Wonder. He’s performed all over the world both independently and as part of TNGHT, interestingly one of his largest followings is in the U.K! 

Chippy Nonstop

Chippy Nonstop is as eclectic as her stage name suggests; she’s not only a DJ but also a rapper, songwriter, producer, activist, and community organizer. What’s more, as a global citizen in every sense of the word; she’s born in Dubai, raised in Zambia, lived in Los Angeles, but now resides in Toronto, Canada. She’s been recognized in Complex, Fader, and other influential music magazines as one of Toronto’s most exciting Creators. And recently, after almost a decade of silence, Chippy NonStop drops an album in collaboration with dj genderfluid.