You can now easily discover which shows are trending near and far in the Mixcloud charts. 

Every minute, over three hours of content is uploaded to Mixcloud by creators across the globe. More than 20 million people from almost every country listen to these shows every month. Over 15 million radio shows, DJ mixes and podcasts exist on Mixcloud, spanning every genre and theme you can think of.

As our community of creators and listeners continues to grow and diversify, we’ve heard the need for the Trending charts to better reflect different scenes around the globe. For this reason, you can now filter the charts based on your current location and our top listening countries around the world.

For listeners, the charts are an excellent way to discover fresh shows that are popular at any moment. For creators, they’re a powerful tool to get your shows heard and grow your audience. Here’s how you can get even more from your Mixcloud experience with the new localized charts.

Check what’s trending near and far 

When you hit Trending from your Mixcloud homepage, you’ll notice the charts now automatically show you what’s hot in your country. You can filter and browse according to different countries around the world from the dropdown, or revert back to the global charts if you wish. A novel way to expand your horizons!

Discover genres and scenes ‘glocally’

Take your discovery a step further by browsing shows according to genre tags and location. Hit Categories on your Mixcloud toolbar or head to and you’ll see that your search results include the localized charts.

Whether you want to know which jazz shows are hot in Japan, what the trap scene in Thailand is listening to, or what indie shows are picking up in Italy, your audio culture discovery just got that much more interesting.

Find your global audience

A show rises in the charts due to overall listener engagement. Creators, now that the charts are localized, you have more opportunities to gain traction across different charts, rather than only competing for a spot on the global charts. Also, this gives you the opportunity to better understand who’s listening around the world.

Creators, follow these pro tips to increase the likelihood of your shows doing well in the charts:
  • Upload consistently. It’s no secret– the best way to improve your chart positions is to upload quality content more frequently. Uploading a show weekly will give your listeners something to look out for and keep them coming back.
  • Tag accordingly. How you tag your shows is important. The genre tags you choose after you upload determine which category search results your show will appear in, and this directly impacts where it appears in the charts. Make sure you use popular and accurate tags that help listeners discover.
  • Title creatively. Do think of exciting, original, timeless titles for your shows that accurately reflect the content, so that they stand out to your listeners. Don’t waste valuable title space with the name of your channel as that is already included in the display and is already searchable.
  • Use original artwork. Your artwork is a great opportunity to get creative and make your shows stand out. Change it up and keep it fresh. Think about building your show and channel brand identity, so your listeners know what to look for.
  • Build your network. The Mixcloud community is a great place to get heard, but it doesn’t need to be the only one. Get out and about, play local shows and meet people in real life who are excited about what you’re doing. Share your shows on your own own social networks and with other communities. Tapping into local audiences and scenes will help your content gain traction in your region.

  • We’re always striving to make Mixcloud a fair ecosystem for everyone involved. If you would like to help us on this journey,sign up to get involved in our user research program here.