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Creators are the beating heart of our global community. DJs, radio hosts, selectors, storytellers, tastemakers and curators… you, the creators, are the ones crafting the shows that inspire us to keep listening and connecting through shared passions in culture and sound.

This is why we’re launching Mixcloud Select, a new way for creators and fans to get closer. With Select, listeners can subscribe directly to a creator’s channel to join their inner circle of fans, directly supporting all of the music played.

This is our big step toward building a more fair and sustainable ecosystem for audio culture – and it’s just the beginning. We’re collaborating with 40+ creators to introduce Select to the world. Here, we chat with some of those creators to get closer to the music, the scenes, the culture. They tell us what goes into creating their shows, and how they’ve leveraged Mixcloud to get heard.

Welcome to the first wave.

East London’s P Montana is mainstay of the urban British underground music scene. Growing up with the combined influence of a Ghanaian household and 90’s hip hop, P Montana is a master of genre-bending mixes, from hip hop to afrobeats, grime and dancehall. His shows have helped kickstart the careers of British artists including J Hus, Kojo Funds and Yxng Bane. 

Describe your show’s style in 3 words.

Exciting, spontaneous and nang.

P Montana, where can we usually find you hanging out?

I’m usually in my music studio.

What was the first ever record you owned?

Can’t remember exactly what song but it was definitely a Tupac tune. Growing up, I was into listening to hip life, Afrobeats, grime, hip hop, RnB and slow jamz.

What inspired you to become a music creator and sharing shows online?

I picked up DJing whilst in university, putting on my own nights across the country. I was DJ-ing and touring a lot around the world, but there were fans I can’t access through live shows. So I decided to start making and sharing mixes online for fans to enjoy in the comfort of their homes, or wherever they are.

How do you go about making a show?

I do some research on what new songs are out, check my email to see if I’ve got any exclusives, check DJ City, sort out my artwork and then boom, it’s a hit.

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What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever received?

Never give up.

What’s your best performing show on Mixcloud? 

My February 2017 mix, because there were so many hits released at the time.

Which of your shows on Mixcloud is the most meaningful to you and why?

My gospel mix, because it means a lot to people and I get notifications about how the mix has helped them in their life. Also what inspired me is being a religious person and knowing alot of people listen to Gospel Praise & Worship songs and there is no one in London making these kind of mixes that is a familiar name in the DJ world.

What has been your secret to success on Mixcloud?

My Mixcloud channel has over 2 million plays and helped kick start the careers of artist including J Hus, Kojo Funds & Yxng Bane. Also being the first DJ to play a lot of songs before they blew up. I’m all about giving my fans exclusive new songs and tight mixes.

Any top tips for getting your shows heard?

Quality over quantity.

What advice would you give to someone who’s just getting started and wants to get their shows heard?

Be consistent and find what your good at.

Last but not list, what’s your go to track to pump yourself up?

P Montana x Wande Coal – Tupac.

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