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This is our big step toward building a more fair and sustainable ecosystem for audio culture – and it’s just the beginning. We’re collaborating with 40+ creators to introduce Select to the world. Here, we chat with some of those creators to get closer to the music, the scenes, the culture. They tell us what goes into creating their shows, and how they’ve leveraged Mixcloud to get heard.

Welcome to the first wave.

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Having grown up in Africa, now based between London, Miami and Ibiza, Nicole Moudaber is a global nomad spreading her love for music worldwide. Alongside being a passionately followed DJ/producer, she’s an event promoter, record label founder, radio show host and social activist. Her weekly show In THE MOOD brings together 20 million listeners worldwide, keeping it fresh across techno and deep house.

Describe your sound on Mixcloud in 3 words.

Dramatic, percussive and hypnotic

What was the first ever record you owned?

The very first record I ever bought was by Fela Kuti – I love all of his stuff, especially his song ‘Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense’.

What were you listening to when growing up?

Growing up in Africa, I was always surrounded by funk and soul which has had a huge influence on my sound today. I just love percussion and rhythm. I’d dip into my parent’s record collection which was full of classics by artists like Bob Marley and The Wailers, Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, Santana, Tina Turner and of course, Prince.

Tell us more about your show In THE MOOD.

My weekly radio show In The MOOD has been running since 2014 and it has now accumulated over 20 million listeners worldwide. It’s an award-winning show which in 2016 took home Best Overall Radio Show across every genre at Mixcloud’s Online Radio Awards. It was nominated in this category two years in a row prior.

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Which creators are you currently excited about?

I’ve been playing a lot with my good friend Carlo Ruetz who actually was on the bill for my MoodZONE showcase at The BPM Festival: Portugal this past September. He’s compiling a ‘Best of Mood’ 2018 compilation which will be released before the end of the year.

I’m also very excited to work two very talented artists to my label — Anna V. and M.I.T.A. I’m going to be releasing their EP ‘The God Particle’ later this month which I’ve been playing out everywhere. I just love it!

Can you tell us more about your charity project #ELEVEN, and how Select is involved?

#ELEVEN is my charity campaign that fights to end the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Every minute, somewhere in the world, 11 girls undergo FGM. Over 200 million women globally have been affected by FGM, and without accelerated change 68 million more girls will undergo FGM by 2030. It’s a barbaric practice and we must raise awareness of this human rights issue to help put an end to it forever.

With Select, I’m excited to have the ability to get closer to my fans. By subscribing, listeners will be allowing me to continue providing a platform to spread amazing music around the world, directly supporting all of the artists whose music is played in my shows. For the first year, I will be donating 100% of my own creator cut from my subscriptions to #ELEVEN. Join me!

Last but not least, what’s your hidden talent?

I’m obsessed with cars and driving fast, really fast. So fast in fact I decided to go out and get my professional driving license a few years ago at the recommendation of one of my friends who is a Formula 1 driver. I’ve been test driving cars throughout the UK and in Lisbon, Portugal with my coach. Next year I hope to enter a race. We’ll see…

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