Mixcloud Tips

1. Profile photo

Aim for a bold yet simple image – it should be an expression of your identity whether you’re an individual or a brand. In terms of size, aim for high resolution images (at least 640×640 px) as long as they’re below the max file size (10MB) – this way they will look really good both on retina displays and mobile apps.

2. Cover photo

This is the cover image for the top of your profile page. Make sure it’s at least 1600px wide and 270px tall for best results. If you choose not to upload anything we will automatically use your profile photo (and you know, who likes seeing double?)

3. Description

Keep it short and snappy. Describe what you’re all about but don’t forget to include all your other blogs, websites or any channel you want people to browse.

4. Connections

Connections, it’s all about connections. We’re sure you already know that so we’ve got Social Media Integration right at hand to help maximise your reach. Just go to Settings > Connections or click on this link here.

That’s not all, whenever someone that is connected on Twitter ‘favourites’ one of your Cloudcasts, your Twitter ID will automatically be mentioned. If you’ve also got Facebook connected to Mixcloud, your new upload will be automatically posted.

5. Mix artwork

When people visit your profile, they’ll see the images to your uploads. If you’re running a Mix Series, aim to reach a trend; you don’t have to but it makes things look a tad more professional and smooth.

If you don’t have any, you can use royalty free images like the ones from unsplash.com, death to stock photo, etc. Avoid putting too much text into the images, keep them as clear as possible. use tags, title and description for your text

Check out our #ProfileOftheWeek hashtag on social media to find our good looking profile picks.

The Cloudcast page header will get the dominating color of the image, but that can be changed later on from the edit page.

Written by Shivam Sukha

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