How to run a DIY Contest on Mixcloud

Mixcloud is all about community, which is why we like to support all of our members, whether they are big time DJs or small hobby DJs. Contests are a great way for bedroom DJs to stand out amongst the crowd and kickstart their career alongside some of the biggest names in the music industry.

We have put together a little guide that will show you how to set up your very own DIY Contest.

This can be published on your own website/blog and will encourage your audience to upload their submission on Mixcloud and tag it accordingly.

More info here:

1. Getting started with a DIY Contest

It’s up to you how you run your competition, but we have put in place some simple house rules for you to draw upon in your own Terms and Conditions, keep them in line with Mixcloud’s guidelines.

2. Competition guidelines

Introduce yourselves, explain what the competition is about and let them know what you’re looking for. Here are a couple of pointers.

  • Prizes: A detail description of what the winners will win. Keep in mind that people who are likely to enter a competition are also probably going to love:
    1. Music gear
    2. Experiential prizes (DJ set, label consulting, time spent with a big artist)
  • Content: Decide and state what genre(s) you would like the entrants to mix and upload
      1. DJs upload a mix using the competition tag
      2. All entries will use the same artwork and title
      3. You are welcome to decide further restrictions on mix length, music style etc.
      4. Participants will then be asked to promote their mixes in order to obtain a certain number of Plays/ Favourites etc
      5. A promotional video can be a valuable asset in grabbing the reader’s attention, although it’s not essential
  •  Territories: The more territories the competition will be open to, the more successful it will be:
      1. More entries
      2. More social buzz
      3. More engagement
      4. More brand impressions
  • Judging: It should include basic information about the judging criteria. There are some things to consider:
      1. Age
      2. Location
      3. Number of Plays/mix
      4. Music style
      5. Originality
      6.  Technical ability
  • Terms and conditions: You have to options:
      1. Use Mixcloud’s terms
      2. Create your own T&Cs. Example here. Usually, if there is a sponsor involved, they will want to ensure the legality of the competition and create their own T&Cs. If that is the case, please liaise with them.
  • Competition Artwork: The poster should be in format 300 x 600 and should include:
      1. Competition name
      2. Partners’ logos
      3.  Prize info (optional)
      4. Clear visual hook that is an expression of your brand’s identity

Make sure you clearly outline the logistical details needed to submit an entry, provide details of:

  • Deadline
  • Length of mix
  • Title e.g. “Mixcloud DJ Competition”
  • Tag it e.g. “Mixcloud Competition” – If you fait to tag it correctly, your entry may be missed.
  • Provide your own artwork -Mix artwork should the same as the poster but in 400 x 400
  • Tracklist
  • State eligible country(s)

It’s important that you create a unique tag (e.g. “Mixcloud competition”), this will enable you to easily filter the entrant’s mies when they’re submitted on the site

3. Selecting the winner(s)

Thanks to our tagging system it’s really easy to collect all entries under one page (see example here). This is why it’s really important to pick a unique tag for your competition – it will ensure that all the contestants using it are unique to your competition.

From the contestants you whittle down, it’s a good idea to either hand pick your winner(s) or have a panel of judges to decide (rather than just relying on number of plays/ favourites). It is also a good idea to keep entrants up-to-date with the competition once the deadline has passed. Send them an email thanking them for their mixes and explain when the winner(s) will be announced.

4. Promoting your competition

We’re here to help host the contest as a platform, but we cannot promote all contests that are taking place. Create a page specifically linked to your contest (on your website or through Facebook) and include all the above details regarding deadlines, prizes and other general info about your competition. To really help promote it and to achieve a wide-spread outcome make sure to push it out on all your social media!

Good luck!

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