Mixcloud Best Listeners of 2012

Last week we celebrated Mixcloud Best of 2012 which brought together some of the best Cloudcasts and Cloudcasters on the site in the past 12 months. If you haven’t already, check out our charts for Best Tracks, Best Artists, Best Music Cloudcasts, Best Talk Cloudcasts, Best Music Cloudcasters and Best Talk Cloudcasters to see who made it in the list this year.

Mixcloud’s mission is to deliver great radio, for everyone. Every week tens of thousands of people upload their Podcasts, radio shows or DJ mixes and connect with millions of listeners from all over the world. None of us would be here without YOU tuning in to listen to some of the best curated content in music and radio.

This week we’re celebrating our most dedicated, passionate consumers of Mixcloud audio goodness, those of you who streamed thousands of Cloudcasts over the course of the year, discovering and uncovering great content from our servers! Without further ado, here are the Top 20 Listeners of 2012:

20. Guido’s Lounge Cafe

The most important thing is the love for music and people which is why the best thing on Mixcloud is that it’s a fantastic platform which creates friends for life and connects people all over the world … for FREE!

19. Scottieboyuk

I have met many great people through this site, Mixcloud brought us together so thank you for a great site that I am so happy to be part of.

18. Duje Bakotić

17. Vocalist Day

My Mixcloud recommendations: kislorod Cloudcasts and Best Djs (my other project featuring 50 to 100 mixes every year).

16. Stoinge

15. Sulphurex techno mix

14. Tsunami

Best regards from Belgrade ! You are so lovely.

13. Gabriele Nastro

12. lapalm

11. jeleni

10. Meindert Alkema

9. mirrrta

The music is the most important thing. Saludades desde Argentina!

8. Bully

I have only words of praise for the Mixcloud community. In my humble opinion, Mixcloud is number one.

7. Philippe Leroy

I just love music. Each Cloudcaster a source of inspiration for me.

6. Housevibes Online

Mixcloud is the best DJ network that music lovers could wish for.


5. prosoya boy






Last seen listening to DRUM N BASS ON by DJ Crowlix.


4. roamin

Thanks Mixcloud, for attracting the talent, for housing an amazing array of mixes and for being.






Last seen listening to Exclusive Guestmix by MACHWEO by POLARLICHTER.


3. kss 






Last seen listening to Future Soul Records Radioshow feat. Daz-I-Kue: Episode 44 by Future Soul Records.


2. Lascu Peter 






Last seen listening to 1605 Podcast 094 with Siwell by UMEK.


1. Perach Enkava







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