Mixcloud is nearly 1 million plays old! Prizes to be won

You may have noticed a giant counter appear on our front page 😉

We’ve been asking our Twitter and Facebook crew what they think it’s all about – and we’ve had some pretty amusing suggestions:

Sonof8Bits: Number of socks worn by mixcloud personel in their whole lifes

morganric: The number of grains of rice consumed whilst building Mixcloud?

fleamarketfunk: The number of records that sit unheard by human ears that need to be heard?

mattbrawn: Number of cups of tea/coffee consumed since mixcloud was created?

So what actually is it? Turns out a lot of you were correct – Mixcloud is nearly 1 million plays old. Woohoo!

To celebrate this momentous milestone, we’re running a lil competition. The first registered listener (registered as we gotta know who you are!) on or after 1 million plays, and the DJ/presenter whose Cloudcast is listened to, will both win some cool prizes courtesy of our great sponsors…

Amazing t-shirts and sweatshirts courtesy of streetwear label Dephect.


Compilation CDs courtesy of Fabric.

Download vouchers courtesy of Juno Download.

Clean up your iTunes with free copies of TuneUp Media.

And hopefully more prizes to be announced.

So what are you waiting for – be our millionth listen on Mixcloud!

Here’s something to keep your ears occupied on this fine Friday afternoon – currently top of the popular charts – Belgium’s legendary Mr Leftooo.

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