An interview with last year’s Mixcloud Online Radio Awards winner DR MYSTERY

Now in its fifth year, the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards is the biggest celebration of online radio in the world. Each year, thousands of you enter the awards – either nominating yourself, or nominating the shows, stations and personalities you love.

Submissions for this year’s awards close on Thursday 26 April. Submit your nominations at

But what does it take to win a Mixcloud Online Radio Award?

To help answer this question, we thought we’d shine a light on some of last year’s winners, showcasing the finest shows and personalities online radio has to offer.

First up in the series is the fascinating DR MYSTERY, aka Natasha Maximova, who last year won our Rising Star award for Best Online Music Show. The UK-based DJ and radio presenter can be found presenting her show ‘Into Continental’ on Reform Radio, a brilliant community-led station in Manchester.

DR MYSTERY is quickly building a reputation as a selector with a keen ear for cutting-edge sounds from all over the world. Tune into an episode of Into Continental and you might hear ambient sounds from Japan, Gqom club tracks from South Africa and more fascinating examples of music you’ll struggle to find on conventional radio shows.

2017 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards winner DR MYSTERY
2017 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards winner DR MYSTERY

We caught up with the mysterious radio star to ask a few questions about her show and to hear her thoughts on the world of online radio:

Tell us a bit about the Into Continental radio show.

‘Into Continental’ is a bi-weekly show exploring unexpected sounds coming from different countries across the world. Every show I choose a particular country and play music only by artists from that country; digging deep into the underground and beyond.

What do you love most about online radio?

With online radio there is more freedom of expression. There are fewer rules. I find these aspects very attractive and I think the content produced by online radio stations is more versatile and caters to all sorts of listeners.

What most excites you about the future of online radio?

Nothing specific. I’m just excited to see what will be the next step in online broadcasting!

Why does something like the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards matter?

The Mixcloud Online Radio Awards are a great way to connect with the world. You find out about so many new DJs and radio shows, and I think it’s a great tool to get your name out there and attract some attention to the art you create.

What’s next for the Into Continental and DR MYSTERY?

Take over the world, ha.

You can follow Dr Mystery on Mixcloud:

Interested in entering this year’s awards? You can also find out more about the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards with our seven reasons you should enter.

5 Essential Tips For Entering The Mixcloud Online Radio Awards

Give yourself every chance of reaching the shortlists for the 2018 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards with these trusty tips. And don’t forget: the deadline to submit nominations is Thursday 26th April. Good luck!

1. Ask your friends and fans to nominate you.

Did you know…not only can you nominate yourself, but you can also ask your friends and fans to nominate you for a Mixcloud Online Radio Award? The amount of nominations you receive will be taken into consideration when producing the shortlists, so we encourage you to reach out to friends and fans and ask them to nominate you!

2. Tell us exactly what makes you, your station or your show different.

You’ll be given 150 words to sell yourself so think carefully and choose these words wisely! Submissions that demonstrate originality, flair and an innovative approach to online radio awards will all have a strong chance of reaching the shortlists.

2018 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards winner Gonesthedj
It’s free to enter the awards and you can nominate yourself, as well as nominate the shows and stations you love.

3. Pick a genre that you think most accurately describes your show.

Sure, this might sound obvious, but you’ll be surprised by how many submissions are entered into inappropriate genres. If you’re entering a show, take a minute to scan all the available genres and pick whichever one best describes your show. Then tell us why your show is among the best there is in this genre.

4. Submit an example show that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Your latest show might not be the finest example of your work. Look back over the past 12 months and consider what shows will help you stand out. From guest interviews to special themes, make sure you submit the example show you’re most proud of.

5. Don’t forget the deadline.

Add it to your calendar, write it down on a post-it note, tattoo it on your forearm…do whatever is necessary to make sure you don’t forget the deadline to submit your nominations, Thursday 26 April! And remember: every nomination counts, so encourage your friends and fans to nominate you up until the last minute.

Submit your nominations at

7 reasons why you should enter the 2018 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards

Submissions are now open until 26 April. Don’t miss out!

1. Entry is free.

Entering the awards won’t cost you a penny. It’s our mission is to celebrate the very best independent online radio all over the world, and we want to provide an essential platform for presenters, DJs, stations and Podcasters.

The Mixcloud Online Radio Awards has always been a community-focused awards and we want it to stay that way. We make it as fair as possible for everyone in the online radio community, from bedroom radio presenters to established radio stations.

2. You can nominate a show, station or personality that is not already available on Mixcloud.

We launched the awards back in 2014 because we want to see online radio thrive. Therefore it doesn’t matter where you host your radio show, you will still be eligible to enter the awards if your show or station isn’t already available on Mixcloud (see our FAQ for more information about eligibility).

Although, if you happen to be interested in joining millions of other creators and getting your shows heard by listeners all over the world, then we encourage you to sign up and start using Mixcloud today!

Mixcloud Online Radio Awards

3. If you’re shortlisted, your listeners will get the chance to vote for you in the Listener’s Choice Award.

Along with the new look-and-feel for the 2018 awards, we’re also introducing a brand new Listener’s Choice Award, which will be open to the public.

This award will be separate to the individual category winners, which are chosen by a panel of judges, and will go to the finalists who receive the most number of public votes. Voting for the Listener’s Choice Award will begin when the shortlists are announced, so stay tuned.

4. You will be recognised by some of the finest names and organisations in music and radio.

We’re teaming up with more amazing partners than ever before for the 2018 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards. From cutting-edge magazines to leading manufacturers, these organisations will be helping to raise awareness about the awards, as well as judging the categories. This is a huge opportunity to get your nomination in front of some really influential people.

2018’s partners include Chalk & Blade, Crack Magazine, Crooks & Castles UK, Discobelle, Discogs, DJ Mag, Dummy Magazine,, gal-dem, Groove Magazine, Hype Machine, London’s Live Comedy, MAEKAN, Magnetic Magazine, MISSBISH, Resident Advisor, Roland, The Quietus, The Vinyl Factory and Wormfood.

Snoochie Shy
2017 winner Snoochie Shy

5. It will take you less than 2 minutes to submit a nomination.

We’ve made it as simple as possible to submit a nomination. You’ll find links to the entry forms at the bottom of our website If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via our support form.

6. There are 29 categories to choose from.

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing which category you want to enter. The 29 categories are split into four groups: Best Online Music Show, Best Online Talk Show, Best Online Radio Personality and Best Online Radio Station.

Tip: think carefully about which category you enter. The more relevant the category, the more likely your nomination will be picked as a finalist for the shortlists.

7. You can also nominate your favorite shows, stations and radio personalities.

Community really matters when it comes to online radio. That’s why not only can you nominate your own shows, but you can also nominate the shows, stations and radio personalities you love. The amount of nominations you receive will be taken into consideration when producing the shortlists, so we encourage you to ask your fans to nominate you for an award!

Submit your nomination now at

2018 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards open for submissions

The wait is finally over. Today we open the submissions for the fifth Mixcloud Online Radio Awards, marking a fresh new direction for the annual event.

The 2018 edition of the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards, which are free to enter, features an entirely new look and feel, including a brand new Listener’s Choice Award that will be open to the public. We’re also proud to announce that this year’s awards will also feature more great partners than ever before, from acclaimed magazines to global brands in music.

Submissions for the awards will remain open through Thursday, April 26, during which DJs, radio presenters, Podcasters and stations can nominate themselves for an award, while fans can also nominate their favorite show station or personality to be shortlisted. The final shortlists will be announced on Thursday, May 10. To submit entries, please visit

The 2018 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards include 29 categories, which are split into “Best Online Music Show”, “Best Online Talk Show”, “Best Online Radio Station” and “Best Online Radio Personality”.

Founded in 2014, the awards are the world’s biggest celebration of online radio, with more than 10,000 entries submitted in 2017 — making it the awards’ biggest year yet.

The entries were whittled down to a series of shortlists before an expert panel of industry judges selected the winners, which included 2 Dope Queens – which recently went on to launch as a limited series on HBO – for “Best Online Talk Show: Comedy,” the electronic music radio show The Cookout for “Best Online Music Show: EDM / Big Room,” and Rinse France for “Best Online Radio Station: Europe.”

“Online radio has gone through so much change and growth since we launched the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards in 2014, and so much of that has been in the last year alone,” said Nico Perez, Co-Founder of Mixcloud. “From talk shows on important political and cultural issues to the hottest DJ mixes to the funniest comedy out there, these awards make for an annual who’s-who of online radio, and with the help of our amazing judges and partners, we can’t wait to find out where things stand this year.”

This year’s partners include Chalk & Blade, Crack Magazine, Crooks & Castles UK, Discobelle, Discogs, DJ Mag, Dummy Magazine,, gal-dem, Groove Magazine, Hype Machine, London’s Live Comedy, MAEKAN, Magnetic Magazine, MISSBISH, Resident Advisor, Roland, The Quietus, The Vinyl Factory and Wormfood.

Judges for the 2018 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards include WIRED’s Miranda Katz, The Allusionist’s Helen Zultzmann, Ignition’s Stephanie Ng, WHYR-FM’s Marc Cohn and Mixcloud’s David Zhou.

Find out more about the awards at

First wave of partners for the 2018 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards announced

2018 is building up to be a stellar year for the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards.

To celebrate its 5th anniversary, we’ve been working behind-the-scenes on a brand new ‘look’ for the awards, which we’ll be revealing soon.

But it doesn’t stop there. We’re also rescheduling the awards from Autumn to Spring, and soon we’ll be announcing details about a “people’s choice” award where fans can vote for their favorite shows, stations and personalities.

We’re also working with a new team of partners to raise awareness about the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards to all corners of the industry.

The first wave of four partners includes the renowned CRACK Magazine, an “independent platform for contemporary culture” which has featured acts such a Björk, MF Doom, Lil Yachty, FKA twigs, Gorillaz and Queens of the Stone Age on its cover.

Gal-dem, a “magazine and creative collective comprised of over 70 women and non-binary people of colour” is also joining as a partner. The magazine has risen through the ranks as an influential voice on politics, music, arts and lots more.

Also joining us for the 2018 edition of the awards is The Quietus, a rock music and pop culture website, which launched in 2008 by John Doran.

Completing the first wave of partners is DJ Mag, which was founded in 1991 and remains a leading platform for news in the dance music world.

The Mixcloud Online Radio Awards is the biggest celebration of online radio in the world, with tens of thousands of entries every year. The mission of the awards is to raise awareness about the depth and breadth of independent online radio all over the world by providing a platform to celebrate the industry’s best shows, stations and personalities.

Nominees are spread across no fewer than 30 categories, including the best music shows, talk radio, stations and personalities, and the awards are free to enter.

Stay tuned for more details about this year’s awards via:


Mixcloud users can now easily record and share mixes with Pioneer DJ’s DJM-REC app

Exciting news for DJs who share mixes on Mixcloud.

DJs will now be able to record mixes easier than ever before with DJM-REC, a new app for iPhone and iPad from Pioneer DJ and the latest addition to the Mixcloud ecosystem.

Recording mixes can often be a stressful process, with complicated connections, dark DJ booths, delicate recording levels, and a lengthy uploading process. DJM-REC solves all of these problems for Mixcloud users, offering a simple connection and high-quality audio recording while making it simple to share and stream mixes.

  • Other notable features of DJM-REC that Mixcloud users can benefit from: Audio from a digital mixer can be recorded directly to digital with no need for analog conversion.
  • “Loudness” and “Sub-Bass” sliders easily increase audio levels and create a punchier, heavier bass sound, respectively.
  • iPhone/iPad recordings can be input into DJM series mixers using the digital send/return feature.

DJM-REC can be purchased for $9.99 (after a 30-day free trial period) on the Apple App Store.

Pioneer DJM-REC
The DJM-REC app is available on iPhone and iPad devices

“More than 1 million creators from around the world are on Mixcloud, and a large portion of them are DJs sharing their recent mixes, whether from their bedroom or a club performance,” said Nico Perez, Co-Founder and Director of Content at Mixcloud.

“What Pioneer DJ has done with DJM-REC is making the entire process easier for them, from recording to editing the track-list to sharing. We’re thrilled to partner with them on the app’s launch and hope it will make life easier for all DJs on Mixcloud along with all of the other great partner apps that have integrated with our platform.”

“With Pioneer DJ’s new DJM-REC app, it will be easier than ever before for users of platforms like Mixcloud to record and share their mixes,” said Tomohiko Kato, Executive Manager of Business Planning Management Group at Pioneer DJ. “We’re thrilled that Mixcloud is on-board and look forward to hearing all the amazing mixes that will come out of DJM-REC.”

W Hotels Worldwide and Mixcloud present Future Rising Volume II: WONDERLAND

We are joining forces once again with W Hotels for the second volume of ‘Future Rising’ – championing the creative leaders of tomorrow, and remixing music and art to reimagine WONDERLAND through six collaborations exclusively at W Hotels around the world.

Future Rising Volume 2

The second edition of our partnership with W Hotels Worldwide, Future Rising, will begin in February 2018, bringing together a community of creative leaders – from musicians and DJs, to visual artists and film directors – for a series of happenings at six W Hotels.

The programme will highlight various artists’ utopian vision of the world’s ideal tomorrow – collectively referred to as WONDERLAND. Hosted exclusively at W Hotels around the world, the calendar of events will kick off at W Istanbul on February 3rd, and be quickly followed by events at W Barcelona (15th February), W Dubai – Al Habtoor City (21st February), W Amsterdam (1st March), W Paris – Opera (6th March), and finally W London – Leicester Square (8th March).

“Music has been a defining characteristic of the W brand since its inception, and furthering our partnership with Mixcloud is the perfect way to continue to bring what is new and next in music to our guests,” said Jenni Benzaquen, Vice President, Luxury Brands – Europe, Marriott Interna-tional. “This unique programme of six unmissable happenings offers a creative platform to a new generation of talent, showcasing their diverse styles at some of our most iconic W hotels around the world.”

The W brand’s European Music Director, Kristina Dolgova, has carefully curated each event in partnership with Mixcloud’s in-house team of music experts. All performances and discussions will be recorded and exclusively available on the W Hotels Mixcloud channel.

“As soon as you enter any W Hotel around the world it is instantly obvious that the brand is passionate about music,” said Kazim Rashid, Creative Director, Mixcloud. “For us at Mixcloud, it’s imperative that we only partner with likeminded, authentic brands who not only love music, but take the time to cultivate young, rising talent. This second volume of our FUTURE RISING partnership does just that, asking young creatives to reimagine ‘WONDERLAND’ – their utopian vision of tomorrow – through their art.”

Event details include:

  • W Istanbul (3rd February): Fashion and lifestyle magazine 212 has curated a bold exhibition featuring the photographic works of artists featured in and championed by the magazine. The eclectic Istanbul musicians, Nusaibin, will perform a special live set followed byDJ sets from Istanbul based electronic DJ, Kaan Düzarat.
  • W Barcelona (15th February): The brand’s newest W Sound Suite (private recording studio) will come alive through an immersive event with Spanish DJ and producer, UN-ER, alongside his record label, Solar Distance, with the creation of a new track in front of a FUTURE RISING audience.
  • W Dubai – Al Habtoor City (21st February): A vision of designer and creative Faissal El-Malak, this evening will see WONDERLAND come to life through a film directed by trailblazing Amirah Tajdin, reimaging the future as a ‘safe space’, starring a traditional all-female ten-piece band.
  • W Amsterdam (1st March): Three exciting young filmmakers from London and Los Angeles will come together to unveil their bespoke music video series for the enigmatic singer, Bipolar Sunshine. Created by Mollie Mills, Raine Allen-Miller and Matilda Finn, the WONDERLAND-inspired videos for the artist’s ‘Easy to Do’ mixtape will be shown alongside performances by Bipolar Sunshine and Amsterdam’s hottest DJs. There will also be a panel discussion between the three directors, celebrating women in film and music.
  • W Paris – Opera (6th March): To kick-off the evening, The Flower Boys, of Radio Fleur fame, will share their vision of WONDERLAND in a panel discussion hosted in one of the hotel’s iconic suites.The evening, curated by the band’s frontman and Parisian model, Gregory Robert, continues with live music performances by The Flower Boys, DJ Andy 3000 and talented violinist, Safia Zimouche.
  • W London – Leicester Square (8th March): The last FUTURE RISING event will see breakout singer Bipolar Sunshine host an invigorating panel discussion around the rise of London-locals in the global creative scene. In partnership with London-born film directors Mollie Mills and Raine Allen-Miller, the creatives will share their own stories of success to inspire the next generation of London talent. Bipolar Sunshine will perform live, in addition to a curated selection of London’s most talented DJs.

For more information on FUTURE RISING: WONDERLAND and to secure a place on the guest list to the exclusive events, check out