7 Best Earplugs For Live Music You Can Buy Right Now

If you’re a DJ or party-goer, you can protect your ears with these gadgets.

Hearing music live can be an unforgettable experience, but it can take a toll on your ears if you’re frequently surrounded by loud sounds. Luckily, a good pair of earplugs can keep you safe as you enjoy a gig from your favorite artist, your friend’s DJ set or a good old fashioned night out. There are several options to suit your needs and retain sound as crisp as if you’re not wearing any at all, and we’re here to help you make your choice.

In this article, we’re revealing some of the best noise canceling earplugs for gigs, festivals and clubbing on the market, from affordable to top of the range. Scroll down to find out more.


Eggz Discreet

On the cheaper end of things, Eggz earplugs are designed for DJs and party-starters alike. Barely noticeable when you wear them, they pack a punch, canceling out noise up to 21 decibels and getting rid of any distortion or buzz. Whether you’re enjoying Hip Hop or Progressive Trance, Eggz allows pure clarity when you want to dance the night away. They come in sizes of medium and large and are made of silicon for extra comfort. All for the price of €21/£18/$21.99.

MPOW Noise Reduction

Meeting noise reduction according to your situation, MPOW’s foam and silicon earplugs are a handy pair if you’re on the hunt for cheap gear – these are currently on sale for €21/£18/$21.99. Not only are they easy to insert but reusable and can reduce up to 31 decibels of sound, meaning they pack a punch. This is possible thanks to MPOW’s three separate filters that help you to eliminate unwanted external noise, and their ergonomic design is suited for live shows as well as other non-music activities.


Loop Experience

Loop earplugs are one of the industry leaders in ear protection. For €38.80/£29.95/$37, they reduce noise by up to 18 decibels, meaning you can dance closer to the speakers or DJ booth without worrying about damage and experience clear sound. They’re designed for comfort and once you install them, they stay positioned in your ear with no fuss. They also come with four interchangeable tip sizes to suit your needs. Once you’re back home from the party, these reusable earplugs can be easily cleaned for the next time you’re on the dancefloor.

Sennheiser SoundProtex

With Sennheiser, you’re guaranteed high quality products, and their earplugs are no different. For €40/£34.99/$43, the SoundProtex are best for concerts and festivals and are catered to sensitive skin thanks to its TPE material. You get the full experience with Sennheiser, as the plugs come with two types of filter: acoustic for live music and events and a total block for any scenario, including when you’re ready to sleep. Both filters effectively cancel out sound to where you need, and you can enjoy clear and balanced sound. These earplugs are also reusable after a clean, meaning you can enjoy throughout the day.

Top of the range

Flare Earshade Pro

Flare’s foam earplugs include titanium for a smooth construction and additional comfort when you’re on the go. The Earshade Pros are heat-reactive, meaning they’re mold earplugs that match your exact ear size, perfect for a little extra protection when you’re listening to music at an event or seeing a live artist perform. Flare earplugs reduce sound to up to 27 decibels with minimal fuss and are available for €58/£49.95/$62.

Harley Street Hearing

Where many earplugs are designed in a uniform way, Harley Street Hearing does things a little differently. Their ACS custom earplugs, going for €207/£180/$219 suit your every need and size. They can filter sound up to 27 decibels while retaining impeccable sound quality, meaning you can hear your own instrument and others around you when you’re recording music. Harley Street Hearing also offers a range of accessories, including color and neck cords. If you’re based in London, the only thing you need to do is book an appointment with them and they’ll take care of the rest.

Minerva Hearing

These noise canceling music earplugs are ideal for DJs and party goers and, while priced at €173/£149/$184, they go a long way to ensure long-term protection. Minerva’s earplugs have a built-in filter that allows you to hear music clearly, no matter where you are on the dancefloor, while also keeping the music at a safe volume. They offer options of noise reduction up to 10 or 18 decibels that you can decide before purchase, taking the volume levels down even further if you choose to. With these earplugs, you can hear clearly for up to six hours and you can select from a range of colors. Comfort is assured by the good people at Minerva.

Prices in €/$/£ correct at time of writing.

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