Reform Radio launches the Jägermeister X Reform Studio

In collaboration with LOUD, our in-house brand partnerships arm, Jägermeister and Reform Radio have announced a new partnership, joining forces to open the Jäger X Reform Studio, an exciting, dynamic, shared music space in Manchester.

Mancunians can expect a series of year-round events, while Mixcloud fans can re-listen online to these memorable local artist collaborations, specially curated Jägermeister radio shows, new music showcases, events and educational industry workshops.

In 2018, Jägermeister reached out to Mixcloud to find a perfect fit for their vision of supporting grassroots radio across the UK. Having already worked with beloved Mixclouders Soho Radio to launch Jäger Soho, the next step was to find another partner, outside of London, making a positive cultural impact within their community.

Reform Radio was the perfect match for Jägermeister’s vision. Supporting young adults into employment through the framework of an online station, Reform Radio has built an impressive roster and fanbase with incredible collaborations with artists including IAMDDB, Zed Bias and Levelz, as well as putting together inspired workshops for the youth of Manchester. What better way to support this not-for-profit in their social ambitions, than to link them up with Jägermeister, a brand with a proven track record in supporting grassroots music?

After many brainstorms with Reform Radio, Jägermeister and Mixcloud, the plan was hatched to form Jäger X Reform Studio, which will sit inside the new home for Reform Radio, housing two studios, an office and a modular event space for workshops, events and networking. Co-developing the design of the new studio, the art direction and content formats, the Jäger X Reform Studio will see the two work closely with local musical talent to amplify and celebrate sounds from the city, all streaming on Mixcloud.

Tom Carson, Jägermeister UK’s Music Manager, explained, “Jägermeister and Reform Radio are both committed to supporting new artists and the communities they emerge from, so the partnership has naturally built around our shared aims. Music is a huge part of Jägermeister’s cultural DNA so we have ambitious plans for the Jäger X Reform Studio, and hope it will become a vital resource, and platform, for Manchester’s thriving new music scene”.

Jenna G, presenter of Reform Radio’s new show, the Jäger M=§usic Industry Sessions said, “I can’t wait to bring listeners on a journey of exploration, as we meet people from all aspects of the music business to learn about their experiences and creative processes to inspire young creative people keen to get into the industry”.

Head over to Reform Radio’s Mixcloud channel to listen to more.