2011 World Events

Listen through this Cloudcast Playlist, covering some of the pertinent events that occurred around the world during 2011.

Tha Arab Spring

New Yorker Political Scene: Libya and the Arab Spring, with Jon Lee Anderson and Ryan Lizza
“Jon Lee Anderson and Ryan Lizza on the war in Libya and the Arab Spring.”

Libyan Revolution

The Independent: The Johann Hari podcast: Episode 10 – You are not being told the truth about Libya
“In his latest podcast, the Independent’s award-winning columnist Johann Hari argues we aren’t being told the truth about the war in Libya – and tries to uncover the real story.”

Japan’s Triple Disaster

Gilles Peterson Worldwide: Gilles’ ‘Ganbare Nippon’ Mix
“The Japanese people have always shown me love and affection – they are the most passionate music fans and if they like what you do – they let you know! We all need that in life. Japan is a positive nation and as such I am sure it will eventually recover from it’s current trauma. I hope you enjoy this mix that I recorded today featuring some Japanese tunes that have touched me over the years.”

Guardian Focus podcast: The nuclear debate after Fukushima and Chernobyl
“George Monbiot, Helen Caldicott and Laurence Williams join host James Randerson to debate the future of the UK’s nuclear programme following Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant disaster.”

Osama bin Laden Killed

Business Week: Why Osama Bin Laden Lost
“Osama bin Laden had lost relevance long before the raid in Abbottabad. Why?”

London Riots

Electronic Dimensions: the effect of London riots on independent labels
“In August 2011 violence broke out across London in some of the most heated riots we have seen in the UK for many years. Amongst the chaos, a Sony warehouse full of stock from independent record labels, to be distributed by PIAS, was burnt to the ground, threatening the livelihoods of many artists from the music scene. In today’s Electronic Dimensions, Naomi Mihara gets political trying to understand the causes and consequences of these riots.”

End of the U.S. Space Shuttle Program

How Stuff Works Tech: TechStuff Tours the Space Shuttle
“Inspired by some listener mail, Jonathan and Chris decide to take a closer look at the history — and future — of space shuttles. Tune in to learn more about the future of space exploration.”

Occupy Movement

The Guardian Business Podcast: Occupy London Stock Exchange
“Danny Dorling discusses his new book Fair Play and how its arguments can inspire those who are protesting against wealth inequality in London’s financial district.”

Business Week: Occupy Wall Street
“Who’s behind the mask: the anti-leader of OWS.”

Death of Steve Jobs

Harvard Business: Steve Jobs The Perfect CEO

XNet: Steve Jobs Tribute – One More Thing
“As a tribute to Steve Jobs I created this collage of music featured in Apple commercials mixed with famous statements from his keynotes. Rest In Peace.”

If you’ve come across any other interesting Cloudcasts covering similar world events last year, share them with us in the comments below.

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