Nike (RED) Tied Together Run: 24 Hour LDN Soundtrack

We’re taking part in the Nike Tied Together Run in London this week to help raise awareness for the AIDS/HIV charity (RED).

Members of the Mixcloud Team will be running through the streets of  London flexing some fresh Nike gear and Mixcloud Tees.

As part of the event, we’ve also been comissioned to create an exhibition piece – so we have pulled together a 24hr soundtrack to the London Run. DJs from each of the 24 crews, including prominent mixcloud community members: Juslikemusic, Orsii, Butterz, DJ MK and new boys The Loose Cannons – have provided up mixes, which will part of the display at the opening of the exhibition.

Lixo – Nike (Red) Mix by Lixo on Mixcloud

Definitely worth checking out the GETME! Crew Party this Thursday, featuring: Sinden, GreenMoney, MARTELO and many more Mixclouders…

Plus, check the first full Radio Show from the Mixcloud Team:

Nike Tied Together Run Soundtrack by Mixcloud on Mixcloud

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