Tell us your Mixcloud story

We’re proud to be celebrating our third birthday this month. More importantly, we’re proud of the amazing community of Mixclouders we’ve built up who are creating and sharing some of the world’s best radio content in the Cloud.

We’ve decided to put together a video about YOU – our global community of music and radio lovers who are helping to create this  radio revolution. We want you to share your Mixcloud story with us!

Taking part is simple…

>>>Just upload a short video to YouTube telling us your Mixcloud story<<<

You can talk about anything and everything, we want to hear it!

Tag your video “Mixcloud 3rd birthday” (in quotation marks please) so we know where to find you.

The deadline is Sunday 28th October so get moving! We’re not looking for cinematic masterpieces, just switch on your camera, phone, laptop or tablet and say whatever comes to mind.

Also, keep an eye out for your video on our Twitter feed and Facebook page. We’ll be sharing the videos along the way so other Mixclouders can hear your story!

Celebrating good music and great radio, always,

Georgia & The Mixcloud Team x

History of Hip Hop "Vignette" Video

Mixcloud’s first History of Hip Hop party at the Big Chill House back in February certainly set the standard for our monthly residency, and now that we have a slick video of the night you can relive the fun and memories (or, if you weren’t there, pretend that you were…)

The club was absolutely packed out with some of the finest deejays, beautiful Mixcloud fans and agile break-dancers, all united by a love of real Hip Hop. Have a watch of the video to see footage of the mayhem, and hear Mixcloud co-founder Nikhil Shah and ‘playboy about town’ DJ Vadim, amongst others, talk about the night’s concept and success, and their mutual passion for Hip Hop.

Looking set to follow in the History of Hip Hop’s grand footsteps is our next All School Flavor bank-holiday extravaganza with Laid Back Radio at Big Chill House on the 28th May.

RSVP for the All School Flavor party on Facebook

Apparently Mixcloud is smart and resourceful!

Small business website Smarta today launched their inaugural “Smarta 100” – a recognition of the UK’s smartest small businesses.

We’re pretty chuffed to be on the list. We also have a special mention in the “top 5 for resourcefulness” category – in the words of Jay-Z, “you can’t knock the hustle” 😉

Here’s the blurb from the Smarta site:

“The Smarta 100 is the ultimate business accolade, recognizing the UK’s smartest small businesses. has uncovered remarkable companies who have gone the extra mile to differentiate themselves from the market or found clever ways to compete, from their marketing plan to their ethical stance. The result is a fascinating insight into the unique business ideas that are thriving in the current economic climate.”

If you want a laugh, then check out the video of Nico and myself in the Mixcloud warehouse talking about being resourceful. Nice desk eh – I think I stole it from an ex-girlfriend.

Oh another note, we were also mentioned by Rory Cellan-Jones on his BBC blog today as a recommended new tool for radio professionals. Cheers Rory!

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