An interview with last year’s Mixcloud Online Radio Awards winner GonesTheDJ

Don’t panic, but there are now only two days left to enter this year’s Mixcloud Online Radio Awards. Not only are the awards the biggest celebration of online radio in the world, it’s free to enter and it’ll only take you a minute or two to submit your nomination.

You can nominate yourself or nominate the shows, stations and radio personalities you love. Submissions for this year’s awards close on Thursday 26 April and you can submit your nominations at

Next up in our series shining a light on 2017’s winners, we caught up with GonesTheDJ, whose chart-topping radios show ‘GhettoBlasterShow’ won Best Online Music Show in the ‘Funk / Soul’ category.

2017 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards winner GonesTheDJ
2017 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards winner GonesTheDJ

GonesTheDJ will be no stranger to funk and soul fans on Mixcloud. Now on its 330th episode, the show has built quite the following and makes regular appearances in our charts. We caught up with the French funk and soul aficionado to find out more about his show and what the thinks about the world of online radio.

Tell us a bit about the GhettoBlasterShow.

The GhettoBlasterShow is a weekly funk and soul radio show. It’s a trip from jazz to house, hip hop to broken beat and worldwide sounds. No boundaries, just good music.

What do you love most about online radio?

As a DJ and Podcaster, online radio is the best way to connect and share with people all around the globe. And I as a listener, I like to be surprised and discover new DJs, artists and songs in just one click.

What most excites you about the future of online radio?

What excites me the most is the idea of having even more diversity and quality, along with more and more powerful broadcasting tools. And the hope of having a real professional recognition for content producers.

Why does something like the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards matter?

Beyond the likes and comments posted on my shows, it highlights and rewards all the work that’s required to make this a reality. And once again it helps me connect with my listeners worldwide.

What’s next for the GhettoBlasterShow and GonesTheDJ?

Next September, I’ll be launching the 10th season for the GhettoBlasterShow and this year I celebrate my 30th year behind the turntables. So I’ll be preparing myself for the next 30 years!

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Interested in entering this year’s awards? You can also find out more about the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards with our seven reasons you should enter.

2018 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards open for submissions

The wait is finally over. Today we open the submissions for the fifth Mixcloud Online Radio Awards, marking a fresh new direction for the annual event.

The 2018 edition of the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards, which are free to enter, features an entirely new look and feel, including a brand new Listener’s Choice Award that will be open to the public. We’re also proud to announce that this year’s awards will also feature more great partners than ever before, from acclaimed magazines to global brands in music.

Submissions for the awards will remain open through Thursday, April 26, during which DJs, radio presenters, Podcasters and stations can nominate themselves for an award, while fans can also nominate their favorite show station or personality to be shortlisted. The final shortlists will be announced on Thursday, May 10. To submit entries, please visit

The 2018 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards include 29 categories, which are split into “Best Online Music Show”, “Best Online Talk Show”, “Best Online Radio Station” and “Best Online Radio Personality”.

Founded in 2014, the awards are the world’s biggest celebration of online radio, with more than 10,000 entries submitted in 2017 — making it the awards’ biggest year yet.

The entries were whittled down to a series of shortlists before an expert panel of industry judges selected the winners, which included 2 Dope Queens – which recently went on to launch as a limited series on HBO – for “Best Online Talk Show: Comedy,” the electronic music radio show The Cookout for “Best Online Music Show: EDM / Big Room,” and Rinse France for “Best Online Radio Station: Europe.”

“Online radio has gone through so much change and growth since we launched the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards in 2014, and so much of that has been in the last year alone,” said Nico Perez, Co-Founder of Mixcloud. “From talk shows on important political and cultural issues to the hottest DJ mixes to the funniest comedy out there, these awards make for an annual who’s-who of online radio, and with the help of our amazing judges and partners, we can’t wait to find out where things stand this year.”

This year’s partners include Chalk & Blade, Crack Magazine, Crooks & Castles UK, Discobelle, Discogs, DJ Mag, Dummy Magazine,, gal-dem, Groove Magazine, Hype Machine, London’s Live Comedy, MAEKAN, Magnetic Magazine, MISSBISH, Resident Advisor, Roland, The Quietus, The Vinyl Factory and Wormfood.

Judges for the 2018 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards include WIRED’s Miranda Katz, The Allusionist’s Helen Zultzmann, Ignition’s Stephanie Ng, WHYR-FM’s Marc Cohn and Mixcloud’s David Zhou.

Find out more about the awards at

Digging for lost treasure: The 10 most popular Music Is My Sanctuary shows

10 years ago, Alexis Charpentier aka ‘Lexis’ founded the independent website Music Is My Sanctuary to unearth music’s finest “forgotten treasures and future classics”. Today on its 10th anniversary, MIMS is now one of the world’s finest sources for rare jazz, electronic, hip hop and dance music, and attracts a growing legion of crate diggers and music heads.

Spurred on by an infectious passion for discovering new music, Music Is My Sanctuary also presents a popular mix series on Mixcloud, often hosting guest mixes by artists and DJs who share a similar open-minded vision about music.

To celebrate the website’s 10th birthday, we asked Lexis to share 10 of the most popular Music Is My Sanctuary shows and explain why they’ve played an important role in defining MIMS’ enviable legacy.

1. Onra – An Introduction to Rap Français

“The supremely talented French producer known as Onra goes back to his roots with a mix that is both an educational session and a collection of absolute bangers. 39 tracks from the Golden age of French rap. The second edition of this mix is also an absolute must.”

2. Lexis’ Breakfast Mixtape – Side A (Early Breakfast)

“This mix was made as a limited-edition cassette for a collaboration event with a Breakfast collective in Montreal. Two 45-minute sides featuring different vibes to enjoy croissants and mimosas on a sunny Sunday morning.”

3. Lefto – Good Morning Sunshine

“Our good friend Lefto put together a very special 90 minute morning selection for us a few years back. As expected, it’s a deep selection that works the angles between jazz, soul, rap and beats.”

4. Walla P – Tribute to Kashif

“Walla P who hosts the regular Voyage Funktastique Modern & Classic Funk show pays a wonderful homage to the legendary artist and producer Kashif following his passing in 2016. Expertly executed, this one’s bangin’ from start to finish.”

5. Henry Wu – MIMS Guest Mix

“Over the years we’ve hosted around 100 choice guest mixes from artists & tastemakers we love including Tall Black Guy, Zed Bias, Ta-Ku, Mad Mats. This great session from Henry Wu comes from about three years back. At that point he was already starting to make a lot of noise, and it’s been great to see his progression since then!”

6. Lexis – It Happens Every Spring Spring Vol. 1

“For the past 4 years, Lexis has been putting together a very special session dedicated to the first few beautiful days of spring after a long winter. Every mix is filled with spiritually uplifting selections across genres and eras.”

7. Prince Klassen – Tribute to Yamashita Matsumoro

“NYC’s Prince Klassen goes deep in this tribute to the legendary Japanese artist, producer, and arranger Yamashita Tatsuro. These 14 hand-picked cuts serve as a perfect introduction to one of most prolific and influential musicians of the ’70s and ’80s.”

8. Kobal – Tribute to Marvin Gaye

“Kobal is one of the finest record diggers in Montreal. He’s put together some great tribute mixes for legends like Nina Simone, Gil Scott-Heron, and Jimi Hendrix. On this one he goes deep into the Marvin Gaye section of his crates to pull out some lesser-known gems as well as some classics.”

9. Onra & Lexis – Throw Em Up Vol. 2

“Onra & Lexis started a side project a few years back called “Throw Em Up” dedicated to their love of ’90s R&B; more particularly the sound of ’93 to ’96. On this second edition, they go one step deeper and showcase a ton of rarities and rare 12” versions.”

10. Spacewalker – Balance Best Of 2016

“Spacewalker, our main man in beautiful Belgrade, Serbia hosts the monthly Balance show which has been running for over 10 years and is a huge influence in his region. At the end of every year he does a recap of his highlights, and this one is the recap of 2016. We’re honoured to be able to share his show with the rest of the world!”

Photo credit: Bruno Destombes

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Music for studying: 10 Mixcloud shows that might make you smarter

When those deadlines loom, the last thing you need is someone sneezing in the library or a housemate EQing a kick drum in the room upstairs. We’ve all been there.

But don’t fret because music can be the answer. From classical symphonies to noir techno, we’ve collated some of the best Mixcloud shows guaranteed to help you knuckle down and concentrate on studying.


UTILITY is a series created by the team behind U T I L E, an art and design studio based in London. They literally describe their shows as “a mix series curated to increase productivity during creative activity”, with a forward-thinking blend of ambient, techno and electronica sounds. Not bad if you’re hitting writer’s block and you’re looking for some inspiration.

Follow U T I L E on Mixcloud.

2. Headphone Commute

Already one of the most popular shows on Mixcloud, Headphone Commute explores the fertile field of ambient and instrumental music. Each show is carefully curated, capturing meditative sounds and sonic journeys, which are the perfect solution to concentrating on whatever task is at hand.

Nominated in the 2017 Online Radio Awards.

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3. on NTS

What happens when you mix ambient music with recordings of police scanner radios? The answer is, a monthly show on London’s NTS Radio. Speech can be distracting when you’re trying to study, but these recordings have an uncanny ability to blend seamlessly with the music, creating a two hour long journey of cinematic sounds.

Nominated in the 2017 Online Radio Awards.

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Born out of improvisation, jazz is now heralded as one of the most experimental forms of musical expression. Mixcloud boasts some of the best jazz curators in the world, one of which is MADONJAZZ, an independent radio show hosted by Thea & Mark G. They explore the world of deep jazz – the ideal soundtrack if you’re stuck when trying to come up with ideas and need to improvise.

Nominated in the 2015 and 2016 Online Radio Awards.

Follow MADONJAZZ on Mixcloud.

5. New Age Rage on Berlin Community Radio

A winner in this year’s Online Music Awards, New Age Rage delves into the darker side of ambient music. The show is arguably the most leftfield suggestion on this list, with some episodes veering through moody electronics and noir techno, but don’t let that put you off. Hosted on Berlin Community Radio, this show will introduce you to the darker side of meditative music and can give a fresh spin to your study sessions.

Winner in the 2017 Online Radio Awards.

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6. Dubbel Dee

Hailing from Belgium, Dubbel Dee is a music aficionado who has been collecting records for over 25 years. He also happens to be one of the finest curators of jazz music on Mixcloud. Tune into any one of his ongoing shows, including Dubbel Dee & Friends, Collectiq 2.0 or Mo’Jazz, to hear a smart selection of music that is practically guaranteed to make you smarter.

Nominated in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Online Radio Awards.

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7. Classique Classique

If you’re familiar with classical music then you might be aware of the ‘Mozart effect’, the idea that listening to Mozart’s music can in fact boost your brain power. Granted, the science might be dubious, but if Classique Classique’s weekly dose of Rimski-Korsakov, Stravinsky and Guillaume Connesson can make you think you’re smarter, then who are we to disagree?

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8. DJ Dimsa

DJ Dimsa is on a mission, or more precisely put: ‘The Lounge Mission’. From deep jazzy house to rare grooves, Dimsa’s shows have now racked up millions of plays on Mixcloud, proving he’s a rare talent at crafting shows worthy of the finest lounges. More uptempo than others on this list, you’ll still find lots of house and disco you can get your head down to.

Follow DJ Dimsa on Mixcloud.

9. Cinambientique

Cinambientique is the birth child of Clemens Ruh, a composer and producer based in Germany. Over the years, Clemens established a reputation as one of the finest ambient curators on Mixcloud, with both his shows FRISSONWAVE and SOUNDWAVE regularly topping the charts. If you’re stressed-out and you can’t concentrate, Cinambientique is here for you.

Winner in the 2015 Online Radio Awards.

Follow Cinambientique on Mixcloud.

10. Monday Morning Mixtape by Stamp The Wax

Already a weekly ritual for thousands of Mixcloud listeners, Stamp The Wax’s Monday Morning Mixtape offers some gentle encouragement at the start of a long week. Expect laidback vibes from guest selectors with a fine knowledge of world music. If you’re looking for something more upbeat than ambient, but downtempo enough for studying, then put a reminder in your diaries for the Monday Morning Mixtape.

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Mixcloud and Warner Music Group announce direct licensing deal

Today we’re excited to announce a direct licensing agreement with Warner Music Group, our first direct deal with a major record label.

This new recorded music licensing agreement with Warner Music Group will usher in a direct relationship and a new phase for Mixcloud. The deal will help enable an innovative subscription offering that allows fans to subscribe to individual creator channels for a more interactive listening experience. This approach will help audio creators on the platform monetise their content by developing a new marketplace for audio subscriptions.

The Mixcloud platform offers a diverse collection of serialised, long-form, and exclusive audio content — over 12 million radio shows, DJ sets, and Podcasts. These are produced by over 1 million of the best tastemakers and curators in the business including: DJs such as Carl Cox and Tiesto, Talking Heads frontman David Byrne, independent radio stations like London’s NTS, and The Guardian Podcasts.

Our platform’s proprietary Content ID system is capable of identifying individual tracks within long-form user generated audio, tracks usage data, and currently pays out royalties to local collecting societies such as SoundExchange and the performing rights societies in the U.S.

“We are excited to partner with Warner Music Group,” said Nico Perez, Co-Founder and Director of Content at Mixcloud. “Since the beginning, we have worked with rightsholders to both monetise long-form audio and champion the importance of curation in the streaming industry. As we embark on direct licensing relationships with the major labels, we are committed to doing what is best for artists, curators, music fans, and the industry.”

“This deal is a good example of our willingness to experiment and lead in embracing differentiated new business models,” said Ole Obermann, EVP, Business Development & Chief Digital Officer, Warner Music Group. “As streaming opens up access to a vast universe of music, we are seeing a complimentary rise in fans’ engagement with curated experiences, such as playlists, on-demand radio shows, and DJ sets. Mixcloud’s success is driven by the curiosity and passion of its community, as they engage with new music and rediscover timeless older songs. As we see that user base expand, this partnership will unlock new commercial value for our artists and their music.”

You can read the full story in the Financial Times and Music Business Worldwide.

NTS Radio celebrates 30-years of Studio Ghibli

Last week, NTS Radio shared the third and final episode of Radio Ghibli, a 3-part special celebrating 30-years of the acclaimed films.

The shows were mixed by London-based artist Sega Bodega and feature 3-hours of famous soundtracks taken from the world of Studio Ghibli.

“NTS approached me with the idea of doing a Ghibli-related project and it just felt like something we all needed in our life” – Sega Bodega.

You can listen to all three episodes now on Mixcloud:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

You can follow NTS Radio on Mixcloud at:

Take a look at the new and improved Mixcloud


Today we’re launching the new, improved and best-looking Mixcloud yet. Our new website uses a brighter and more intuitive design to make it even easier and faster to discover the shows you love.

Regular listeners will notice we’ve made subtle changes to profile pages, the home feed and various other features – making the entire interface feel smoother, more refined and simpler to use.


Our new website is designed to also support our growing community of curators with an even more reliable platform for promoting shows to listeners all over the world.

The new and improved Mixcloud is available now. Visit and tell us what you think. Issues or concerns? You can contact our support team at