Mixcloud Features Le Mellotron In Paris

Now approaching its eighth year, Le Mellotron in Paris has firmly staked its place in the city’s alternative music scene. Recorded at a modest and trendy bar in the heart of Paris, the radio station offers a refreshing taste of what some of the city’s finest DJs and artists are all about.

We reached out to learn more about the station’s alluring philosophy and what lays behind the steady rise of Le Mellotron.

Tell the Mixcloud community a bit about your radio station and how it got started

Well, we actually started as a blog with a core of five people who were all fond of music, beats and melody. Then in 2012, we launched a radio station that was hosted in a barge on the Seine river, until we eventually move into a bar near the emblematic Place de la République, in the heart of Paris.

We’ve always had a Mixcloud account because we host radio shows curated by ‘la fine équipe’ – a team of artists, DJs, collectives and label owners that gravitate around us.

How long have you been uploading shows to Mixcloud and what do you hope to achieve with them?

We have been running Le Mellotron since 2009. The first goal is to share the music and artists that we like, and provide good quality and original radio content. We frequently renew the curators to ensure we always provide a free musical space to the new key players of the Parisian music scene.

Do you have a few favourites or recommendations from the station? What makes them special?

I think that what makes our radio shows special is the eclecticism of genres and curators, and the fact we keep a flavour specific to LeMellotron, like a ‘common wire’. If you listen to our Mixcloud account, you can jump straight from a dub and rocksteady mix by the Babylon Rockers to the fine selection of hot new electronic music by Trax Magazine.

Listeners can also find mixes from people making it happen in Paris, like La Mamie’s, Around The World, Phonograph Corp, etc. We also have international artists coming to the bar for shows, like Max Graef, Illa J, Quantic, Hunee, Jonwayne and many more.

What can we expect in the future from you and your forthcoming shows?

More artists, more DJs, more shows, more discoveries, more love…we want to expand the concept and reach as many people as we can. We strongly believe in an emerging musical scene in Paris, which is based on a curiosity and ability to transform influences from all over the world. Le Mellotron will be its amplifier”.

Follow Le Mellotron on Mixcloud for all the latest shows.

Mixcloud Celebrates The Online Radio Awards With 24 Hours Of Live Shows

Last week, Mixcloud teamed up with 14 winners and nominees from this year’s Online Radio Awards to host a unique live broadcast, lasting 24 hours and featuring shows from around the world.

Starting at 10am on Thursday 15 December and ending at 10am on Friday 16th December, Online Radio Awards Day combined 11 cities from 7 countries, including South Korea, Canada, United Kingdom and France.

ORA Day Programme

The global event attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers who watched radio shows from the likes of Le Mellotron in Paris, The Lot Radio in LA and Na Manteiga Radio in Sao Paulo. Throughout the day, each live show was shared on the Mixcloud Facebook page, with styles ranging from hip hop and soul to techno and jazz, as well as talk radio from the likes of Radio Free Booklyn and live hip hop from Reform Radio.

Online Radio Awards Day is a celebration of some of the best online radio in the world. But the event is about more than just one day. Every show will also be available on Mixcloud so fans of music and talk radio can listen to what went down on the day.

15:00 – 16:00: Reform Radio, Manchester

16:00 – 17:00: Chunks of Funk with Mr Leenknecht, Brussels

05:00 – 16:00: dublab, Los Angeles

You can listen back to all the shows on Mixcloud via the Online Radio Awards Day playlist.

The Online Radio Awards is now in its third edition and each year the event goes from strength-to-strength. This year there were are a total of 27 winners across a number of categories and territories chosen by a panel of industry judges. There were also 4 overall winners for Best Online Music Show, Best Online Talk Show, Best Online Radio Station and Best Online Radio Personality.