Return of the DJ Heroes…

Mixcloud has recently seen a resurgence of “turntablist” style DJs on our Cloud Radio plaftorm.
We have been graced by the presence of some high quality underground talent, including UK DMC, ITF and Scribble Jam title holders. We’d like to introduce you to them and their skills below, with a few interesting links thrown in for good measure.
First up is the Canada’s very own Skratch Bastid the three time Scribble Jam Champion, hailing from Halifax, Novascotia. This hard working cut master continues to improve his game and has been holding it down across the pond for a while now. Check some of his Hip-hop / Dance / Funk mixes below:
Next up is 2008 & 2009 DMC UK team Champion DJ Cable, coming all the way live from Essex, England. His mixes cross genres from Dubstep to Club all with a turntablists touch, we recently featured this one:
He also writes for – Check ’em out!
This year sees the 25th anniversary of the DMCs (Disco Mix Championships) so if you’re keen to learn more about the competitive side of the the art-form you can here.
Thirdly, H-BOMB, have posted up their tribute to the legendary X-Ecutioners Crew (Rob Swift, Roc Raida, Total Eclipse, and Mista Sinista) previously known as the X-men, a dominating DJ super crew from the early nineties. You can listen the Cloudcast tribute here:

Sadly, Roc Raida passed away early this year, you can get an idea of his solo skills when he defends his 1995 World DMC title below:
Obviously, this style of DJing is as much about the visual as the audio experience, but we are very much looking forward to hearing more creative, Cloudcasting Cut-Masters, come through the Clouds.
And with the recent release of the DJ Hero video game, developed by some good friends over at FreestyleGames, featuring some big name talent such as DJ YodaDJ Shadow and Z-trip, we think there is now a solid platform for lots of interesting new talent and content to emerge and be more widely exposed.
A great example would be DJ Z-Trips’ Obama Election Mix, recorded at a live gig the night before the 2008 US elections. We’d love to hear more of this kind of radio content up on Mixcloud, where Cloudcasters can leverage some of the really useful social sharing tools to help it reach a slightly wider audience, from the underground to the mainstream and vice-versa….?
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Playing with the big kids

It’s very cool to see Mixcloud getting mentioned in the same breath as some of the big kids in the online streaming world.

In a story a few weeks ago on Paid Content about the syndication of music from the BBC, we spotted a nice quote from Martyn Davies:

“Davies named Spotify, MySpace, Soundcloud, Mixcloud and as examples of possible destinations [for syndication].”

Today the Independent, in their story about the launch of MySpace Music in the UK, stated:

“internet users have become used to streaming their music on a wide range of sites that includes Spotify, We7 and Mixcloud.”

What’s even cooler about this is that Spotify have raised in the order of $70m and We7 over $6m in funding to build their companies… whilst you could still describe us as a few guys in a warehouse eating Ramen soup to pay our bandwidth fees! As usual, big thanks to our great community.

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Mixcloud – TechCrunch "Crunchies" Award Nominations

The Mixcloud team are excited to be considered for some prestigious Internet industry awards at the TechCrunch Crunchies 2009

We are potential nominees for the categories for “Best Bootstrapped Startup” and “Best Design”.

The deadline for nominations is this Friday the 4th December, so please click here to nominate us now (no email or sign-up required) and please help us spread the word to your friends and family.

Thanks again for your continued support and of course we’ll let you know how the awards go!

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Drum n bass soldiers

Ooh, how exciting. Our friends at Knowledge Magazine – the underground global authority for drum n bass – have just posted a complimentary blog post plugging some of the fantastic drum n bass DJs and mixes that have been flying onto Mixcloud over the past few days.

“One of the features I like about it is you can discover new stuff by checking the most popular mixes of the day, week, month and even year.”

Click here to read the full post, which includes mixes from the mighty DJ Marky, Subterra and Xample. Other big-boy d’n’b heads on Mixcloud include Doc Scott, DJ Flight and Simon Bassline Smith. Also long-time Mixcloud evangelist and d’n’b soldier DJ Mauoq definitely deserves a mention. Check him out here winning the Knowledge DJ mix competition.

D’n’b crew – please spread the word and help us continue building the d’n’b community on Mixcloud.

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Commercialising content?

Some of the Mixcloud team will be speaking on panels at a couple of interesting events over the next 2 weeks. Both are related to the ripe, relevant and challenging topic of monetising content online.

The first is being put on by the Radio Independents Group – a not-for-profit trade body that “represents the interests and needs of the UK’s independent radio production industry”.

On Monday 30th November, they are running an event entitled “Monetising Audio Content – the Way Forward”, in association with the Department for Culture, Media & Sport. The afternoon kicks off with an opening statement from Minister for Creative Industries, Siôn Simon, before getting stuck into some detailed discussions specifically around the BBC – current Terms of Trade and implications on revenue splits/commercialization for indie production companies, and opportunities available from the BBC Worldwide archive.

Nico from Mixcloud sits on the final panel, which talks about “the world beyond” – yes there is radio beyond the BBC! This panel addresses a topic that we at Mixcloud are particularly interested in – how to create a commercial marketplace around all this great, abundant content.

Click here to see more about this event.

Next up. The Westminster eForum on The future of content online – micropayments, digital delivery and disintermediation”. The Westminster eForum “aims to provide the premier environment for policy makers in Parliament, Whitehall and government agencies to engage with key stakeholders.”

Again this event attempts to address some of the difficult questions that we’re all asking – the changing role of the media monolith, the impact of the Internet as a distribution tool for media, how businesses are adapting to change, the role and relevance of territories in a multi-platform world, payment for content and much more.

Nikhil from Mixcloud will be on the panel that discusses “payment for content and freeconomics”. What are the business models of the future? How will they work in practice (overcoming the barriers)? How do we compete with free? And so on.

Click here for more information on this event.

Both these events are a great opportunity to air some of the key challenges of our industry in front of an audience who can influence at the highest level. Therefore we urge you to leave your thoughts, feedback, frustrations, ideas and rants in the comments section below so that we can represent the collective wisdom of our peers.

Also if you’re going to be attending either of the events and fancy sitting down for a chat, please get in touch or leave a comment below.

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Interview: Julien Mourlon of Laid Back

Photo: Kmeron on Flickr

Laid Back have been championing Mixcloud for a number of months. We’ve been very impressed with their high quality content and ability to constantly get onto the Mixcloud popular page! So in the first of a series of blog posts, we caught up with Julien from Laid Back to find out who he is, what floats his boat and how he’s been using Mixcloud in an effective way.

>>> 60 second interview

> Who are you?

I’m Julien Mourlon aka Julius. Civil engineer, online media consultant and founder of Laid Back.

> What is Laid Back Radio?

Laid Back started in 2002 as a FM radio show. In march 2008 we decided to go one step further and launched the LDBK online radio station. Nowadays Laid Back is evolving to become a collaborative content production powerhouse and communication agency focusing on urban culture.

> What do you love about radio?

I love stories and discoveries.

> Do you present a show?

I used to present the Laid Back show back in the days on Vibration and Panik, two local radio stations in Brussels. I stopped doing it a few years ago but it might be time for me to get on the mic again.

> What music are you currently excited about?

I tend to define Laid Back as All School… a cocktail of soul, funk, jazz, hip hop, disco, … with a few turkish breaks and eastern european progressive rock tracks. I’m excited about upcoming artists like Nicholas Kopernicus who are currently developing a project with us to be released mid december.

> What is the future of radio?

I’m not gonna be able to answer that question in 5 seconds, but check the radio manifesto I wrote a few months ago or give our online radio player a try and you might have a better idea of what i think the future of radio should be. Mixcloud might be the future of radio, hope you guys will borrow some ideas from our player 😉

> What’s the coolest thing about Brussels?

Definitely the fact that Brussels is the capital of Europe. It’s multi cultural, it’s a hub and the best place to live if you like to go Paris, London or Amsterdam regularly. Now Brussels needs to not only be an administrative capital but also a cultural capital… We’re working on it!

> What makes you Laid Back?

I’m so not Laid Back, haha! I’m more hyperactive.

> Who’s your favourite radio presenter ever?

I’ll always respect Nasky (presenter on action FM) for making me fall in love with hip hop before falling in love with Mary Ann Hobbs. But to me the real stars are Orsii, Nevine and Gav, who collaborate with us on a weekly basis. We’re going to incorporate more presenters on LDBK so my list of favorite presenters might grow in the coming weeks.

> What are you going to be doing in 12 months’ time?

Damn that’s a tricky question. Let’s hope I’ll still be running LDBK radio and developing projects with our ever growing network of creative minds.


>Tell us how you’ve been using Mixcloud and give us some tips and tricks for the rest of the community.

We use Mixcloud to archive the best content produced for our online radio (Orsii “Little Miss Sunshiine” and Gav’s “Jus Like Music”).

I also have an archive of more than 500 mixes, so i upload some of those when i have a good reason to do so (e.g. I’m posting an article about 40 Winks so might upload the mix to Mixcloud and include it in the article.).

Mixcloud is a great solution for us to legally archive our radio shows. Including the widget in an article is easy, good looking and user friendly. The link with twitter allow me to easily get in touch with our audience… and i know that Mixcloud have more great features in the pipe line.

Check out Laid Back’s website here.

Finally this post wouldn’t be complete without a couple of recent tasty Laid Back Cloudcasts. Enoy!

We like it hot!

A bit of a delayed post, but we looked at the popular list on Mixcloud a few weeks ago… and it made us smile!

Great to see so much high quality content on the site – both established and up-and-coming. Thanks to all our amazing contributors.

Click here to see what’s hot on Mixcloud right now.

Of course this post wouldn’t be complete without a recommendation – so here we go, the mighty Dam Funk on Diesel:U:Music Radio. 80s boogie, electro-funk and modern soul – clap yer hands, stomp ya feet.

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