Mixcloud x Sonos Studio discuss The Art of Curation

This Saturday Mixcloud will be teaming up with speakers maestro Sonos at their studio in Amsterdam, as part of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)

It’s a Popup Radio event where we’ll be talking to various renowned DJs, taste makers and radio stations about The Art of Curation.

Each interview will last thirty minutes and will include questions and discussion on this theme, with music selected by each guest, relating to how the Art of Curation relates to their music and what it means to them.

The lineup is as follows: Continue reading Mixcloud x Sonos Studio discuss The Art of Curation

Mixcloud Discover feature

The new Mixcloud Discover feature has been created to make discovering new and brilliant radio shows and DJ mixes both easy and democratic.

We say democratic because the simple search mechanism we’ve created will float up quality content regardless of the show creator’s overall popularity – it will be judged solely on what people are enjoying listening to.

So, here’s what the Discover feature looks like on desktop: Continue reading Mixcloud Discover feature

Mixcloud’s new Listen Later feature

Because we noticed that a lot of people on Mixcloud were using playlists and favourites to keep track of the shows that they wanted to listen to at a later date, we decided it was high time we built a feature to keep track of all the gems you may have discovered while browsing for new shows – or simply keeping track of shows you want to return to.  Continue reading Mixcloud’s new Listen Later feature

Mixcloud Talent contests


The DJ is the new rock star. Millions of people around the world are training, hustling and self-promoting to become the next DJ superstar. This is where the Mixcloud Talent contests come in.

DJs are social media power-users and influencers. They will share your brand far and wide, creating an enormous, endorsed reach. Typical organic media placements include: Continue reading Mixcloud Talent contests

The Attic Magazine: Join us in the Auditorium

The Attic is a new online magazine launched in December 2014 that emphases a wide variety of music genres and investigates different cultures from all around the world. The Attic Magazine is based in Bucharest – Romania (editorial / events) and Oslo – Norway (technical / editorial). Other contributors also come from Brussels, Berlin, Stockholm and Chicago.

The online publication narrates empirical listening experiences from different collaborators, through reports, features and interviews with various artists, DJs, composers and ensembles, music reviews and audio podcasts. The music approach has no typical boundaries of genre, style, time or space, but admits its importance and relevance.

We question everything and try to pursuit the essence of what we believe is good, timeless and continues to resonate regardless of its release date.

The Auditorium is an evocative section of the website where visitors will find 4 different types of podcasts.


The Attic Podcast comprises mixtapes coming from inspiring and visionary artists, musicians and DJs. Amongst the guests who contributed so far we can mention the Turkish DJ and producer Bariș K, veteran Intergalactic Gary, Tolouse Lowtrax from the German band Kreidler, Dom Thomas of B-Music, Ukrainian DJ and producer Vakula, Italian musician Heinrich DresselAaron Moore from Volkano the Bear, the Romanian upcoming star Borusiade, Red Light Radio co-founder Orpheu The Wizard and much more.

destinations-podcast Continue reading The Attic Magazine: Join us in the Auditorium

Radio Spotlight: The Voice of Cassandre Mixtape


The Voice Of Cassandre is something special – a French radio show that invites international artists to make their own mixtapes every week. They can choose a theme or influences from their past or present day. This particular episode is a mixtape by Chicago based Willis Earl Beal, an multi-faceted artist worth following!

[mixcloud http://www.mixcloud.com/greggringo/willis-earl-beal-mixtape-n-289/ width=100% height=208 light=1 hide_cover=1 hide_tracklist=1]