5 Reasons To Go Pro On Mixcloud

We built Mixcloud Pro to help creators grow at any stage in their journey. Today, Mixcloud is the only licensed music platform where you can live stream, share your own original music, and monetize online.

We built Mixcloud Pro to help creators grow at any stage in their journey. Today, Mixcloud is the only licensed music platform where you can live stream, share your own original music, and monetize online. We believe Pro is the ultimate toolkit for the modern music creator and in this article, we’ll show you why.

Think of how demanding it is to be a DJ, producer, or any type of creative nowadays: you’re producing content, promoting it on various social platforms (all while keeping up with new trends and features), growing a community, and on top of all that considering the copyright implications of using other people’s music. That’s not an easy task, and it’s an ongoing project.

With Mixcloud Pro you can access all the tools to not only make this process easier but also join a community of tastemakers and like-minded curators who care about their peers. In this article, we’ll walk you through our most popular features and the perks of a Pro membership.

1. Upload and Live Stream on a Licensed and Legal Platform

When you upload a show or live stream on Mixcloud there’s no risk of takedowns, muting, or channel suspensions. Why? Because all content shared on Mixcloud is scanned by our comprehensive content ID system, which enables us to identify the tunes being played and pay royalties to the copyright holders on your behalf. Unlike other platforms, we’ve spent years securing licensing deals with major and independent labels to ensure that Mixcloud remains a sustainable, ethical platform that pays artists their fair share.

2. Give Your Fans a High-Quality Listening Experience

We know that audio quality is one of the most important factors for music creators when sharing their work online, which is why we offer HQ audio as an added benefit for Pro members. Upgrading to Pro means you can provide a higher-quality listening experience for your fans. On our basic tier, the standard streaming quality is 64kbps AAC+, but HQ audio is at least 160kbps Opus – around three times higher quality than the standard rate.

3. Earn Money to Fund your Passions

There are two ways to make money on Mixcloud and both monetization options are exclusively available to Pro members  The first, Channel Subscriptions, is a direct fan-to-creator subscription model that gives listeners access to exclusive content for a small fee (you can customize this fee from $2.99 upwards). The second option is Tips: one-off payments that allow listeners to show extra appreciation to their favorite creators during a live stream or directly on their channel without committing to a monthly subscription.

4. No Limits to Your Creativity

Want to share more of your music in one place? We support freedom of expression and creativity in all forms, so if you produce music you can upload your own original productions alongside radio shows and DJ mixes. This makes Mixcloud the only platform that offers live streaming, long-form audio, and now short-form tracks! Plus, with a Pro subscription, you have access to an unlimited amount of published shows and tracks on your channel.

5. Discover New Listeners All Over the World

Engagement Stats helps you see the bigger picture. Where are your most loyal listeners tuning in from? Which of your most recent shows is going viral? You can find this out, and more with a Mixcloud Pro membership. Diving into your channel stats means you can tap into communities around the world that engage with your content and help guide how you produce any future content.

Don’t Forget

Pro memberships help keep Mixcloud going. We cover the hosting costs for the millions of shows on Mixcloud, uploaded by users on all tiers. We also pay out millions of dollars every year to the artists and right-holders whose music is streamed on Mixcloud by using our content ID software to identify the tracks included within a mix. Pro enables us to continue running fair and legal streaming service that supports the people behind the music.

Live stream without takedowns, earn money and share your music in HQ audio – Upgrade to Pro today.