How To Get The Best Chart Position

In this article, we’ll walk you through Mixcloud’s chart algorithms, how they work, and tips and tricks on how to leverage this information to your advantage.

Charts are an easy way to stay plugged in to what’s trending on Mixcloud and in different regions of the world. Every week our charts refresh to showcase hundreds of newly uploaded shows. Knowing which metrics can help your shows reach these charts is a great way to raise your visibility on Mixcloud.

We know that your ranking in the Mixcloud charts plays a huge factor in your content’s discoverability on the platform, especially as you work to build your community. So in an effort to be more transparent, we’d like to offer some insider knowledge on the most impactful things you can do on and off Mixcloud to boost your chart ranking.

In this article, we’ll walk you through our chart algorithms, how they work, and tips and tricks on how to leverage this information to your advantage.

How Mixcloud Charts Work:

We recognize over 1000 genre tags in our database. 391 of these have dedicated weekly charts. In other words, every time a show is uploaded using one or more of these 391 tags, it’s in the running to be included in the relevant genre chart for that week.

In order to keep the charts fair and constantly refreshing, any show will only be able to rank within its first week (since upload.) Chart rankings fluctuate based on engagement i.e how many favorites, shares, and listens your shows generate.

How long people stay listening to your show, and how many of them share it externally off the platform – these metrics have the biggest influence on your chart position. This is because we care strongly about and prioritize authentic engagement vs. shallow plays (i.e. fans genuinely wanting to listen to your shows all the way through). You can check how long users are listening to your shows with Pro stats.

How to Boost Your Chart position:

On Mixcloud

We can’t understate the importance of tagging each of your shows with as many accurate genre tags as you can. This will ensure that you’re more discoverable and more likely to land on one of our genre chart pages. Communicate to your fans that longer listens have the most impact and share any ideas on how they can help you rank this way (like promoting your show as the perfect workout playlist!

Encourage your fans to favorite, comment and share your shows – especially within the first week – to help you rank higher in the charts.

Off Mixcloud

Make sure you promote your shows beyond Mixcloud soon after uploading, since Mixcloud shows are only able to chart within the first week. Schedule follow up social media posts in the days after the upload of your show to keep the heat on and drive more listens.

Try tagging any featured artists or guests (so they can re-share) as this will also help boost you up the charts.


Of course, there are other factors that contribute to your show’s success and discoverability, from your show artwork and title – to the quality of the show itself! However, perhaps most crucial to success is your consistency. Keep putting yourself out there with regular content and you’ll start to build a fanbase of listeners who repeatedly see you on their feed and know to come back and check out your latest show.