In The Studio with: DJ MoCity

We caught up with BOXOUT.FM founder DJ MoCity from his New Delhi studio, who gave us the lowdown on how Mixcloud has helped grow his flagship Motellacast radio show on BOXOUT.FM over the last few years. Read on to find out how live streaming has helped him level-up his show and grow his community, plus his tips and tricks on how to make the most out of Mixcloud Pro.

How has integrating a live stream element into your radio show helped you to reach more people and grow your Motellacast community?

It was the first time I kind of started to do regular video streams every week for almost a year, with no takedowns I had more focus on visuals and music curation. The visuals for sure helped introduce my show to new audiences.

What are your three Pro Tips for anyone looking to start out in online radio, thinking specifically about how you’ve used Mixcloud, established a live stream element and all the technicalities that come with that?

  1. Find some angle to what it is you want to do that is unique to you only and champion that. 
  2. Focus on your local community and champion their sound, maybe not for everything you do but it is important to celebrate your local sounds and then explore outside growth. 
  3. Always be ready to start over incase something goes wrong, basically expect the unexpected don’t panic and try find a quick solution.

What has been your biggest challenge in keeping your radio station afloat during the last 12 months?

I would say lack of equipment for the last few months due to 2nd wave lockdown has for sure been the most challenging part and I have to do the show just with a computer and microphone which means more screen time, less music playing and performance time if that makes any sense? I really prefer having cdjs and mic while doing my show.

In spite of all the setbacks artists, creators and DJs have experienced during the last 12 months, what are the positive shifts you’ve seen and how do you see that impacting your journey with radio?

I think I’ve done more radio in the last 12 months than I ever have. Started 3 new residencies on Worldwide FM with my WW NEW DELHI show also Iraqafella Radio on radio Alhara amongst many more shows. 

I call 2020 my world radio tour year, I did more than a 100 shows in that year.

What three creators or artists have you been inspired by through running your radio show, who do you recommend we check out?

Lefto, VF Live & Saturday Selects

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