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6 Reasons Why You Should Use Mixcloud Posts

Good news! 

We’ve just released Mixcloud posts as a social tool for all Pro users. Use posts to communicate with your followers directly and freely. Your posts are shared on your profile page and sent to your followers as notifications and emails.

Unlike posts on Instagram or Facebook, no algorithm will work against you. And there are various ways you can use posts to grow, engage, and get to know your followers. Here are six ideas to best use the feature:

1. Crowdsource

A great way to improve your content is to crowdsource ideas from your followers. Whether that’s asking them who their favourite DJs are (and why) or if they’re listening to anything new — it’s best to hear it from them. 

Another handy crowdsourcing method is giveaways! Whether you’re offering merch or gear, giveaways are a tool that increases your following quickly and efficiently. To win, you can prompt followers to share your profile with friends, or follow your other social handles, or even post your mixes on Instagram Stories. 

2. Get Feedback

This is in the same vein as crowdsourcing. Now that you have a direct channel to your followers, why not discover what works and what doesn’t? For example, DJ Nick Warren used posts to ask his subscribers which type of mixes they enjoy, and why.  

You could also ask what length of live stream your followers prefer, or what genres they’re looking to discover. The possibilities are endless. 

3. Offer Exclusive Content (Exclusive Posts)

If you enable monetization via Mixcloud Select you can create exclusive posts that can only be read by your subscribers. 

Remember, subscribers are your most loyal followers, so creating content just for them is a way to say thank you. For example, Dublab hand-picks recommendations for their community. Finally, if you decide to crowdsource ideas from your followers, make sure you pay the most attention to the opinions of your supporters.  

4. Promote the Details of Your Live streams 

Posts are a great way to share your live stream schedule so that your followers are kept in the loop. If you stream every weekend, make sure your followers know the schedule ahead of time so they can plan to attend. 

You can also use posts to tease your upcoming live streams. Give your followers a sneak peek into your tracklist or allude to a secret guest. This can also work after the fact; use posts to promote your archived stream, spotlight key moments, and encourage your followers to share their experience.

5. Take Advantage of the Email Feature 

Every post you make is shared with your followers as an email. So in a way, you have your very own newsletter, which can function as a marketing tool. Update your followers on anything that helps you build a community or business. 

You can share your DJ tips, helpful articles, or even discounts on new merch. And when the world returns to normal, this could also be a place where you notify your followers of upcoming gigs.

6. Be Social!

In the end, Posts are an opportunity for you to interact with and get to know your followers. Mixcloud is a community of music Creators who support one another; we promote each other’s art, and advocate for our collective success.  So treat this as you would any social platform, but one made for music lovers. 

For more information on how to create a post, please read our step-by-step guide.

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