Mixcloud 101: New Mixcloud LIVE Feature – Unlisted Streams

We’ve just launched a new addition to the Mixcloud Pro creator toolkit: You can now stream in confidence on Mixcloud LIVE with our new Unlisted Stream feature!

As a Creator, you’ll now see the option to set your stream as Unlisted before you go live — a perfect solution for testing your tech set-up, going live for your friends only or hosting an after-party exclusively for your subscribers. This new feature has already been tried and tested by thousands of Mixcloud Creators. 

Read on as we break down four ways to make the most out of unlisted streaming. 

1. Practice your set for the first time in private

Going live can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re playing a new set or premiering an entirely new show. So why not use the Unlisted Stream feature to do a practice-run without an audience, completely in private so you can get to grips with the flow of things before you’re ready to go live to your followers and fans.

2. Test your settings before you go live

Another good reason to use this feature is to make sure your tech’s set up, you’ve got the optimal streaming settings right and give you the chance to iron out any potential issues that may interrupt the flow of your stream. If you’re a Creator who’s single handedly running the stream from start-to-finish then this one’s going to be a life saver for you! Find out more about how to set your optimal streaming settings here.

3. Host an after-party exclusively for your subscribers

If you’ve switched on SELECT as part of your Mixcloud Pro membership, you might be wondering what else you can offer your subscribers outside of purely audio content. By setting up an Unlisted Stream, you can throw a closed-group after-party by sharing the live link and details as an Exclusive Mixcloud Post that only your subscribers can access. Find out more about SELECT here.

4. Run an invite-only workshop or Q&A

Since we launched Mixcloud LIVE, we’ve seen Creators think outside the box to set up workshops, Q&A sessions, panel discussions, to name just a few alternative formats to DJ sets and live performances. Using the Unlisted Stream feature means you can now easily set up an invite-only private stream for a small group of people, rather than broadcasting live to all your Mixcloud followers.

You can also now add a description to your live stream, which can be used in any way you want, like  calling out featured artists on the lineup or simply include more details about your show.

Need-to-knows on Unlisted Streams…

  1. If you set a live stream as “Unlisted” before you start streaming, your stream won’t show on any browse pages or on your Mixcloud profile, nor will your followers get notified that you are live. 
  2. To invite someone to watch your Unlisted Stream, simply share the URL to the live stream with anyone you’d like to be able to watch. Your URL for the unlisted stream will always be [your username] and will be viewable on both the desktop and mobile app versions of the platform.
  3. Please note that the stream will be viewable by anyone who visits that URL while you are live on a desktop or mobile browser. However, the stream will not be viewable on our iOS or Android apps and if you are streaming on an unlisted stream you will always show as offline on our apps.

Learn how to set your stream to Unlisted here.

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