Missed a live stream? Mixcloud Live introduces the ability to legally listen again

A little over four months ago, we launched a new music-focused live streaming element to the Mixcloud platform.

Today we are announcing the ability for creators to save an audio archive of their broadcasted streams to their profile, so that fans can listen again.

We are uniquely able to do this thanks to our bespoke licenses with rights holders. Combined with content identification technology it means that DJs and creators do not have the problem of clearing rights themselves.

Mixcloud is the only open platform to legally host shows for listen-again playback, where the artists and songwriters featured within each show get paid royalties at a granular track-based level.

Since debuting the live streaming functionality in April, we have hosted streams from legends such as Jazzy Jeff, John Digweed and Questlove; as well as many independent radio stations.

Many artists and DJs have expressed praise for a platform that values their craft after having experienced frustrating takedowns or mutings on other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitch.

The new live archiving functionality is available now for all Mixcloud Pro members, and works with all popular streaming tools such as OBS, Streamlabs, and Restream.