Black Lives Matter: Mixcloud’s Commitment to Change

Black lives matter yesterday, today, tomorrow and always.

The music industry was built and continues to be built off the giant contributions of Black artists, musicians and communities worldwide. Without Black people, Mixcloud would not exist. We cannot stand by and ignore the ways we are connected to and contribute to an unequal system. We all have a role to play in bringing about positive change.

We have formed a cross-team, multi-gender, faith and race working group to address how we as a company can deliver meaningful, sustained commitments to help combat injustice.

This will start with our offering support to the Black Lives Matter movement, then reviewing our own organisation, before working to mobilise our industry. 

We have committed to the following immediate actions:

  1. Several Mixcloud executives will donate 25% of their salaries this month to the following action groups: George Floyd Memorial Fund, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Color of Change, Black Minds Matter UK.
  2. Mixcloud will give 25% of all advertising inventory to organisations fighting racial inequality for the next two months, to further aid the raising of much needed funds.
  3. Any donations made by Mixcloud employees to any action groups dedicated to fighting against racism worldwide will be matched.
  4. Mixcloud will commit to a new code of conduct for our business, establishing a meaningful shift towards a more equal, inclusive and open workplace.

We will continue to develop strategic and creative initiatives that support the Black community in the fight for racial equality.

Our team has put together a list of resources as a starting point for opposing racism and supporting black people inside and outside of the industry.

We are with you. Black Lives Matter.