Mixcloud 101: How to get set up for your first live stream

We break down the basics on how to get set up for your very first Mixcloud LIVE stream

Mixcloud LIVE is the only legal and licensed streaming platform for creators to upload and live stream their shows. We walk you through the practical steps to get set-up and test-run your first live stream.

What do I need to broadcast live through Mixcloud?

  • A subscription to Mixcloud Pro. Find out more about this subscription here.
  • A computer capable of live streaming
  • A steady internet connection
  • Streaming software. See our guide to these here
  • A webcam if you want visuals as well

What streaming software do I use?

There’s lots of different types of streaming software that can be used to stream live on Mixcloud. We recommend Open Broadcast Software (OBS) as it’s free and easy to get set up. To download OBS Studio go here and choose the version that’s right for your device.

We recommend watching a tutorial on setting up OBS Studio for Mixcloud LIVE here or going through the steps here.

Other broadcast software that is commonly used include:

How do I connect my stream on Mixcloud?

Once you’ve chosen your broadcasting software and set up your stream through it, you’ll want to connect it to Mixcloud LIVE. Follow the steps below while logged in to your Mixcloud profile:

  1. Go to
  2. Name your Live Stream and click Confirm. Please note that you cannot change the name of the stream once it’s confirmed.
  3. Copy the Stream Key and the Server Name into your streaming settings on your broadcast software. Remember not to share this Stream Key with anyone. For help with this, see our tutorial to OBS here
  4. Click the Start Streaming button on your streaming software. This will change the view on Mixcloud to the preview of your stream
  5. Check the broadcast is looking and sounding how you want it to
  6. Share your stream to your fans
  7. Click the Share Show button to copy a link to your livestream that can be posted on social media to alert your followers that you’ll be going live. Remember that the url of your stream will always be[your user name] so you can share this far in advance
  8. Click the Send Your Broadcast Live button and enjoy!

What’s the Mixcloud Server Name?

The Server Name will need to be inputted in your broadcast software settings to connect you to Mixcloud LIVE. To find out more see the tutorial here.

The Server Name is: rtmp://

How do I finish my stream on Mixcloud?

How you finish a show can be as important as how you start it and the same goes for live streaming. Remember that your followers are watching and listening to you so you can take this opportunity to connect with them even after you’re done playing music.

To end your stream on Mixcloud, click the End Stream button.

Remember that you’ll also need to stop the stream in your streaming software as well.

Any tips on what to do to make the stream better?

  1. We recommend not changing the audio and video settings in your streaming software. Changing these settings may stop you from being able to stream properly through Mixcloud Live.
  2. Check your stream on the Mixcloud Live Preview screen before you take your broadcast live. This helps to make sure you’re in shot (if you want to be) and the audio is coming through.
  3. Post a welcome message in the chat. You may not be able to read through the chat continually but it’s best to post a message welcoming your followers and maybe giving an introduction for those who stumble across your stream.
  4. Pick up the mic. If you’ve never spoken during a show before, now is the time. Whether it’s saying hi to a follower, giving detail about what you’re playing or just having a chat your viewers will appreciate it.
  5. Plan what you’re going to do before you go live and how long you’ll be live for. This will help with publicising the stream and to manage the expectations of your followers.
  6. Add some Mixcloud assets to your stream using overlays on OBS. You can find Mixcloud specific assets here.

Don’t forget…

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  • Join our weekly live interactive webinar on getting set-up on Mixcloud LIVE. Register here.

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