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Mixcloud, evolved

Celebrating a decade of audio culture on Mixcloud with a new brand and refreshed outlook on the future.

We started Mixcloud to solve a simple problem: help DJs, radio stations, festivals and labels connect with listeners, fairly and easily. 

A decade on from our humble roots in a warehouse in North West London, our platform has proven a powerful one for championing audio culture. We’ve seen 1.7 million creators upload their content, building a unique catalog of 50 million handcrafted shows– DJ mixes, radio shows, and podcasts to satisfy every genre, mood, taste and scene. People from everywhere have come to listen deeply, with the average logged-in listener engaging for over an hour a day.

Support creators, support culture

Looking back at what we’ve built together, there’s plenty to celebrate. DJs who started making mixes from their bedrooms and basements have inspired people to listen for billions of minutes. Online community radio stations who champion the best contemporary talent in music have uploaded on the hour, every hour– from our own stomping ground in London to a parking lot in Brooklyn to a park in New Delhi. Superstars have taken precious time out of their weeks, for years, to dig and discover for their fans.

People from every country across the globe have connected through a shared passion for sound. From dance floors to record shops, this community is one that keeps the spirit of some of culture’s most precious artefacts alive. 

We’ve done the work to keep this platform running. We’ve put licences in place to ensure the artists, songwriters and rights-holders behind the music get their fair cut of royalties.

Still, there’s a lot more work to be done to ensure audio creators can make a living from their art. By 2030, it’s projected that 70% of global music revenue will come from streaming– and still, it’s difficult for many artists to make substantial income from their streams alone. 

Now more than ever, in a world that’s saturated in content and spoiled for choice, we need to support the people pushing culture forward, not just the algorithms. That’s the future we’re fighting for.  

Goodbye cloud, hello M-X

The cloud has been an emblem to our community– a quick Google search will show you how it’s been used by our community, far and wide.

Mixcloud homepage through the ages

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to a completely new brand for Mixcloud. The time is ripe for us to part ways with the cloud and usher in a new look that better expresses the passion and vibrancy you all bring to the platform. At the core of our new brand is “the connector”, inspired by the human connections that happen here everyday, as well as a fresh color palette and bespoke typography. 

Look for the brand new Mixcloud app icon

From now, you’ll see our new M-X logo appear across our website, apps and channels. This is the beginning of a long-term transformation. Expect to see the new Mixcloud come to life in the next few months, as we continue to improve user experience, platform stability and our core offerings for both listeners and creators.

New decade, new era, fresh new look.

Coming up with this new brand has been a thoughtful, creative process. We’ve reflected deeply on what our community stands for today and what we’re building for tomorrow.

We’ve spent many hours researching and talking to you, our community. And our in-house team have collaborated with some incredible partners in the process – shout out to Studio Output and Multiple, we couldn’t have done this without you.

The result? We hope you love it as much as we do! 

Thank you for listening– here’s to building the next decade of audio culture, together. 

Creator-first policy

Mixcloud operates a fair, legal streaming service with artists & creators at its core.

We offer everyone the ability to upload unlimited audio and listen for free, supported by ads. We also make sure that the artists, songwriters and rights-holders played in the shows receive their fair royalties.

Our policy of putting creators first means that everything we build is designed to give creators more control over their channel, their fans and their business.

By subscribing to Mixcloud Premium, you help us keep up with the costs of running this platform for the long run. By supporting a creator channel through Mixcloud Select, a direct cut goes to that channel’s creator.

Thank you for being part of a community that supports a more sustainable future for audio culture.