A message from your friends at Mixcloud

As a London-based company, we’re urging everyone in the UK to register to vote for the snap general election this December. 


If you’re in the UK, you may notice messages around the site reminding you to register before the November 26th deadline. We’re investing to run these ads in our inventory as a friendly reminder to our community.

The idea came from Ricky, a Senior Designer here at Mixcloud – our ad inventory reaches millions of people, why don’t we use it for good? 

At Mixcloud HQ, one of the values we have written on our walls and ingrained in our culture is to “Do the Right Thing”. Not only does this shape our philosophy toward supporting artists and culture, fairly and legally– it goes beyond that to how we treat one another and show up in the world. 

We’re a team of 50 passionate individuals working hard to run Mixcloud and make it better. 16% of our team is European. We wouldn’t be where we are today without operating in a market that allows for cultural diversity, innovation and entrepreneurship. 

We believe this moment in time is pivotal for our future. 

As a truly global platform, we encourage you all to get involved in the issues that matter and the causes you care about. Your voice counts.