Celebrating Pride with Mae Happyair

📍 Bangkok, Thailand


Celebrating Pride month, we caught up with a series of artists on what’s happening in and around their local scenes where music and LGBTQ+ communities collide. 🏳️‍🌈

Next up, we spoke to Bangkok’s Mae Happyair who takes us behind-the-scenes of her two underground club nights GO GRRRLS and NON NON NON, and the people that are pushing the scene forward.

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Tell us about how music and the LGBTQ scene come together in Bangkok?

I’m a music lover and when I went to my first lesbian party in Bangkok, a long time ago, it wasn’t right for me. What I’m passionate about, it’s not just about gender. I met Cleo P, who I’d been a fan of for some time and Dookie aka Lady Soma (from Club Soma – an infamous party at that time). We created the GO GRRRLS party in 2013 and play music from all genres, from electronic pop and disco, to indie rock and hip hop.




GO GRRRLS at that time was a strong picture of Woman Power. We wanted to create a taste of us for the people to try. It’s a place where we welcome everyone and people can be themselves; it’s also a place for a music lover, like me. The party happens every month and each time the crowd gets bigger, and more than 70% are gay men and woman. We know this is the place for our people. They come to dance, meet new friends and be free to show who they are.

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I also run NON NON NON, a party created on 2018 and have Wanton Witch as a co-founder. The people know I use music as a way to build the community. On the other side of my girly electronica are the sounds of dark disco, techno and EBM. For NON NON NON we go through the underground scene; then we found another group of LGBTQ friends who love techno and these darker sounds.

Tell us about the project(s) you’re involved with in your local LGBTQ scene – what’s at the core of what you do and how did the project come to life?

Now I’m focusing on GO GRRRLS and NON NON NON, merging the two parties into one venue. This has created a platform for LGBTQ talent to perform and be seen like Vogue Dancers, Rappers and new face DJs. They can come and join us.

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Thinking about the global LGBTQ scene, how does what you’re doing on a local level in Bangkok feed into what’s going on around the world right now?

I’m happy with my work right now. I’ve been watching the LGBTQ collectives around the world, not only in night life. It’s amazing and colourful and it gives me energy and inspiration. I hope to connect with some of these, I want to see our family grow.

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