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Creators are the beating heart of our global community. DJs, radio hosts, selectors, storytellers, tastemakers and curators… you, the creators, are the ones crafting the shows that inspire us to keep listening and connecting through shared passions in culture and sound.

This is why we’re launching Mixcloud Select, a new way for creators and fans to get closer. With Select, listeners can subscribe directly to a creator’s channel to join their inner circle of fans, directly supporting all of the music played.

This is our big step toward building a more fair and sustainable ecosystem for audio culture – and it’s just the beginning. We’re collaborating with 40+ creators to introduce Select to the world. Here, we chat with some of those creators to get closer to the music, the scenes, the culture. They tell us what goes into creating their shows, and how they’ve leveraged Mixcloud to get heard.

Welcome to the first wave.

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Dubbed one of the planet’s best known DJs, John Digweed needs no introduction. His weekly show Transitions has been around for almost 14 years, calling Mixcloud it’s online home and amassing over 10 million plays to date. The UK-based DJ and producer is driven by bringing new music to listeners worldwide, showcasing techno, house and electronica unrestrained by BPM. His show let’s him express himself and play live for listeners worldwide, week in week out. 

Describe your sound on Mixcloud in three words.

Forward thinking music.

Where can we usually find you hanging out?  

Heathrow Airport Terminal 5.  

What were you listening to when growing up?

I was listening to a lot of soul, funk and indie. Favourites were The Cure, Talk Talk, Heaven 17, Joy Division and Kraftwerk. I then also listened to early electro and hip hop. The selection was diverse.

What was the first ever record you owned?

Patrick Hernandez – ‘Born To Be Alive’ I think.

How did you get started as a music creator and making online shows?

I always had a love for music, and becoming a DJ was a way to share my love of music with other people. Beside hearing a record for the first time, there’s no greater buzz than being excited to play it at a party for the first time and seeing the reaction just as you imagined.

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever received?

Never give up.

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How do you go about making a show?

I get hundreds of tracks every week. I spend many hours going through and sorting out the ones I really like and want to incorporate into my shows.

What’s your best performing show on Mixcloud?

It’s hard to say, as I was one of the first curators on Mixcloud and the numbers have grown with the platform. However, a show I’m really proud of is Transitions 500 where we broadcast live across the world on FM radio and online from my yacht party in Miami.  


Believe it or not, this was the first live Transitions. We built a full radio studio on board and did an extended broadcast as we sailed the Miami causeways. The first hour is basically an hour of chill out ambient mix as we set off and it finishes five hours later with full on party mode  – really worth checking out and hope to do something like this again soon.

Which of your shows on Mixcloud is the most meaningful to you and why?

The one that springs to mind is episode 550, which was from the final two hours of a set at the Vagabond in Miami, a club I was involved in and loved playing at. Anyone that was lucky enough to party there can tell you what a special club it was. The club closed it doors forever shortly ever.      

I released most of the my final set there as a 5 X CD as part of my Live In Series but the final hour was shared to Mixcloud as a Transitions exclusive.    

What has been your secret to success on Mixcloud?

The success of the show has been down to being consistent with quality music, week in week out. I want people to stay tuned to the whole show as each record is better than the next. Of the guest DJ’s we invite, some are well known and others are new but exciting to feature for the first time. It’s often the lesser known DJs who get the best reaction, as they are the most hungry and it shows.  

I’m really excited we are approaching episode 750 soon and have some specials on their way – more news to follow!

Having the Transitions show allows me to play a wide range of music. It’s not always about finding the biggest floor fillers. It’s nice to feature some ambient tracks in the show as well.

Any top tips for getting your shows heard?

It has to feature great music and it has to sound different from everyone else. You don’t want someone to listen to your show once, you want them to listen over and over again, and feel like they can’t wait for the next show.

Tell us about your listeners and fans.

I am very lucky to have fans spread all over the world who have supported and spread the word about my show since day one. The numbers have always been consistent and I love reading their feedback to the shows each week.

What advice would you give to someone who’s just getting started and wants to get their shows heard

Be persistent. Understand where and how your audience are listening to the show and most importantly don’t follow trends. It takes time to build an audience – I started with zero fans like everyone else but I’ve never stopped loving and believing in what I do. Passion and dedication is everything.

Last but not least, what’s your current mantra in life?

To live and try to enjoy every moment if possible, time seems to move so fast these days. I am!

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