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Creators are the beating heart of our global community. DJs, radio hosts, selectors, storytellers, tastemakers and curators… you, the creators, are the ones crafting the shows that inspire us to keep listening and connecting through shared passions in culture and sound.

This is why we’re launching Mixcloud Select, a new way for creators and fans to get closer. With Select, listeners can subscribe directly to a creator’s channel to join their inner circle of fans, directly supporting all of the music played.

This is our big step toward building a more fair and sustainable ecosystem for audio culture – and it’s just the beginning. We’re collaborating with 40+ creators to introduce Select to the world. Here, we chat with some of those creators to get closer to the music, the scenes, the culture. They tell us what goes into creating their shows, and how they’ve leveraged Mixcloud to get heard.

Welcome to the first wave.

A DJ from the age of 13, DJ Blighty grew up in a musical, Welsh household in Cardiff. He’s nurtured his passion and skill since then to have one of Mixcloud’s most dedicated followings, inspiring listeners from all over the world. Blending everything from hip hop and RnB, to dancehall and afrobeats and trap, Blighty is known for his mixing magic.

Tell us about the early days. What did you first grow up listening to?

I was exposed to some great music growing up, my father being a DJ and my mum being an incredible amateur singer. I grew up listening to Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Whitney Houston and many more greats. I was into music from a very young age and started buying my own music when I was around 8 years old.

My first ever album was Michael Jackson – Dangerous. The first record I bought was Luniz – ‘I Got 5 On It’ which remains one of my favourite hip hop records.

How did first get into DJ-ing?

My passion for music directed me into DJing, I actually began at the tender age of 13. I’ve been a club DJ for many years and creating physical mixtapes has been an integral part of my growth as a DJ. I get a buzz when I put two tracks together that were just made for each other.

How do you go about making a show?

It depends on what show I’m working on. For some, it’s just going into the studio, setting up, hitting record and doing everything on the fly. With other shows, I give a lot more thought to track selection and running order, which I take very seriously. Even with preparation 90% of my shows are recorded live.

I get my music from so many different places. I’m always on the lookout for amazing music from independent artists, not just the hits. I love sourcing remixes/mashups as well as creating my own.

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What has been your secret to success on Mixcloud?

Being unique and consistent is the key. If you play a certain type of music, try to do everything in your power to stand out from the crowd. I upload weekly and have a set of mix series, and this regularity has helped them all grow from nothing to something. It’s important that people can know what to expect to get from you musically, so you can grow a fanbase.

What’s your best performing show?

To date, the first half of my ‘Summer Vibes’ 2017 Mixtape is my highest performing show on Mixcloud. I think it’s done well due to the overall vibe, there was some great releases that summer which are mixed with some all time classics. It’s mad as that mix is over a year old and the numbers are still growing.

Which of your shows is the most meaningful to you?

That’s an easy one. This year I teamed up with someone I’ve looked up to my whole DJ career, Jaguar Skills. Together we created this, humbly put, ‘masterpiece’:

Who listens to your shows?

From what my stats on Mixcloud tell me I’ve built a loyal fanbase all over the world all thanks to the platform, which I’m beyond grateful for.

I still find it very strange and overwhelming when people know who I am at my shows, let alone ask for pictures and even autographs. It’s a very surreal and humbling experience.

Any top tips for other creators on getting their shows heard?

Sharing your mix actively on social media, in as many places as possible, is a must. I put a lot of effort into this. Spamming is not the answer though, there are tactful ways to do this without annoying people.

Make sure you’re satisfied with your content and how your mixes sound, share them with friends and get their opinions before going live online. It’s worth taking your time to build a fanbase. Be different, be consistent and don’t give up. There can be hurdles, but work hard and you’ll see results.

So when you’re not on Mixcloud, where can we find you hanging out?

I work a lot and recently became a father for the first time so my social life isn’t what it used to be haha. I’m usually hard at work in my home studio, on the road travelling to my gigs around the U.K., or spending precious time with my family.

Last but not least, what’s a track you listen to pump yourself up?

A$AP Ferg – ‘Work’ always motivates me.

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