Introducing Mixcloud Select, The First Wave

Today we introduce Selecta fan-to-creator subscription layer to Mixcloud that allows listeners to subscribe directly to individual Mixcloud channels, allowing them to directly support the creators they love. Once a listener subscribes, they can enjoy an enhanced listening experience that includes downloading shows to listen offline and viewing upfront tracklists.

Select is about bringing creators and fans closer. We’re partnering with 40+ creators from across our community as we work to roll this out to our wider community. Amongst them are internationally known DJs who tour the globe, and others who found their craft from their bedrooms. There are independent online radio stations, record labels and cultural curators.

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With Select, audio creators are able to build an inner circle of fans and offer their subscribers a more rewarding experience, whilst earning revenue from their audio content. Mixcloud will collaborate with its first wave of creators to roll out additional new features, and all creators can now register their interest in joining Select in the near future.


This is our pioneering move toward building a fair and sustainable ecosystem that works for audio creators, artists and listeners. We want to enable fans to get closer to the culture and communities they care about, while ensuring that everyone involved in the creative process is recognized and rewarded accordingly. Our unique licensing model, we’re empowering long-form audio creators like DJs, podcast creators and radio show hosts to join the revenue mix for the first time.

This is only the beginning – Welcome to the first wave:

👉 Brooklyn Radio on Select 👈

👉 DJ Disma on Select 👈

👉 Lowlight Mixes on Select 👈

👉 Lefto on Select 👈

👉 DJ Marky on Select 👈

👉 DJ Ibiza Sonica 👈

👉 Clash Magazine 👈

👉 John Digweed on Select 👈

👉 Chris Read on Select 👈

👉 Who Sampled on Select 👈

👉 Jazz Cat on Select 👈

👉 Soul Clap on Select 👈

👉 DJ Russke on Select 👈

👉 Mol on Select 👈

👉 Mr. Scruff on Select 👈

👉 Nicole Moudaber on Select 👈

👉 Guido’s Lounge Cafe on Select 👈

👉 Yousef Circus on Select  👈

👉 Stamp the Wax on Select 👈

👉 Defected Records on Select 👈

👉 DJ Matt Richards 👈

👉 Roger Sanchez on Select 👈

👉 Adam Kvansnica on Select 👈

👉 DJ P Montana on Select  👈

👉 Sister Bliss on Select  👈

👉 Mi Soul on Select  👈

👉 Red Light Radio on Select  👈

👉 Ronnie Herel on Select  👈

👉 Eats Everything on Select  👈

👉 dublab on Select  👈

👉 Barry Andy on Select  👈

👉 DJ Afrojack on Select  👈

👉 Arvee on Select  👈

👉 Soho Radio on Select  👈

👉 DJ Chris Marina on Select  👈

👉 Posh DJs on Select  👈

👉 Axtone on Select  👈

👉 Oliver Heldens on Select  👈

👉 Club Killers on Select  👈

Want in as a creator? Register your interest in joining Select here.