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MAKING IT: A Series Celebrating Creators by Mixcloud & Shure

Update: We’re thrilled to announce that MAKING IT is the Bronze Winner and the People’s Choice Winner for the internet video category of the 2018 Lovie Awards. 

MAKING IT is a four-part video and podcast series that shines a spotlight on the next generation of creators and innovators, peeling back the curtain on their creative process.

Made in collaboration between Mixcloud and Shure, MAKING IT champions rising talents from across culture to hear the stories behind their success. In this debut series, we travelled to Tokyo, Berlin, LA and London to document some of our favourite new artists and creators. In their creation process they showcase the Shure Motiv range, digital microphones designed for portable, plug-and-play audio recording. Keep scrolling to watch and listen.

Episode 1 – Caleb Femi 

Caleb Femi is poet hailing from south London. He is featured in the Dazed 100 list of the next generation shaping youth culture. Using film, photography and music Caleb is passionate about pushing the boundaries of poetry both on the page, in performance and on digital mediums. He has written and directed short films commissioned by the BBC and Channel 4 and poems by the Tate Mordern, The Royal Society for Literature, St Paul’s Cathedral, the BBC and the Guardian.

Episode 2 – Sapphire Slows

Sapphire Slows is a producer, dj, musician and vocalist based in Tokyo. After the brutal awakening of the 2011 earthquakes in Japan, she became motivated to pursue a career in music. She has been featured on platforms and stations such as Pitchfork, Boiler Room, Rinse FM, and Japan Times –– a notable name in Tokyo’s electronic music community, she has extensively toured Japan, North America, Europe, and China.

Episode 3 – Maekan

Maekan is a global digital platform challenging the way we experience storytelling online. Founded by two former senior Hypebeast employees Eugene Kan and Alex Maenad Maekan tell original stories at their purest through captivating audio, engaging words and beautiful visuals. Covering music, fashion, tech, food, design and more.

Episode 4 – Max Graef

Max Graef is a Berlin based dj, producer and musician, known for his hip-hop and jazz inspired take on house and techno music. Over the past 5 years he has released music on labels such as Ninja Tune, Tartelet Records and his own Box us Holz imprint. His latest music project Torben Unit (fka The Max Graef band) is a jazz collective made up of a tight knit group of friends who’s sound spans distorted jazz-rock to experimental soul, electronic percussion workouts to free sound experiments and psychedelic rock.

Keep up with MAKING IT, the podcast series, on Shure’s Mixcloud page.