Mixcloud users can now easily record and share mixes with Pioneer DJ’s DJM-REC app

Exciting news for DJs who share mixes on Mixcloud

Exciting news for DJs who share mixes on Mixcloud.

DJs will now be able to record mixes easier than ever before with DJM-REC, a new app for iPhone and iPad from Pioneer DJ and the latest addition to the Mixcloud ecosystem.

Recording mixes can often be a stressful process, with complicated connections, dark DJ booths, delicate recording levels, and a lengthy uploading process. DJM-REC solves all of these problems for Mixcloud users, offering a simple connection and high-quality audio recording while making it simple to share and stream mixes.

  • Other notable features of DJM-REC that Mixcloud users can benefit from: Audio from a digital mixer can be recorded directly to digital with no need for analog conversion.
  • “Loudness” and “Sub-Bass” sliders easily increase audio levels and create a punchier, heavier bass sound, respectively.
  • iPhone/iPad recordings can be input into DJM series mixers using the digital send/return feature.

DJM-REC can be purchased for $9.99 (after a 30-day free trial period) on the Apple App Store.

Pioneer DJM-REC
The DJM-REC app is available on iPhone and iPad devices

“More than 1 million creators from around the world are on Mixcloud, and a large portion of them are DJs sharing their recent mixes, whether from their bedroom or a club performance,” said Nico Perez, Co-Founder and Director of Content at Mixcloud.

“What Pioneer DJ has done with DJM-REC is making the entire process easier for them, from recording to editing the track-list to sharing. We’re thrilled to partner with them on the app’s launch and hope it will make life easier for all DJs on Mixcloud along with all of the other great partner apps that have integrated with our platform.”

“With Pioneer DJ’s new DJM-REC app, it will be easier than ever before for users of platforms like Mixcloud to record and share their mixes,” said Tomohiko Kato, Executive Manager of Business Planning Management Group at Pioneer DJ. “We’re thrilled that Mixcloud is on-board and look forward to hearing all the amazing mixes that will come out of DJM-REC.”