Best of 2017: A year in review

A rundown of the most listened to shows, genres and profiles in 2017

2017 had it all.

From NTS Radio’s brilliant ‘Radio Ghibli’ special to the ‘Final Episode’ of Carl Cox’s infamous radio show ‘Global’, 2017 spoiled us with some of the finest examples of online radio in the world.

Data from 2017 has also shown us how much amazing and fascinating online radio lives on Mixcloud, from reggae and hip-hop to political podcasts and workout mixes.

Here’s a rundown of the what, where and why on Mixcloud in 2017:

The fall of jazz

Popularity of genres by year on Mixcloud in 2017

Overall, not much changed in listening habits between 2016 to 2017, with the top 7 genres on Mixcloud holding their position year-on-year.

But there was one very noticeable change last year. Jazz fell from the 8th most-listened to genre in 2016 to the 12th in 2017, its lowest position since at least 2012.

This probably has you asking…why? Well, this possibly has more to do with the growing popularity of other genres than the lack of love for jazz. Genres like R&B, urban and disco all increased in popularity over the past few years.

Conclusion? Don’t give up on jazz just yet!

California Jammin’

Most searched for genres in the US on Mixcloud in 2017

Did you know, in 2017 Californians were more interested in discovering reggae music than any other genre on Mixcloud?

Meanwhile, Massachusetts listeners were most interested in discovering R&B music and trance was the most searched for genre in Alaska.

State of the Union

Where genres were listened to the most on Mixcloud in 2017

With Trump dominating the headlines, 63% of all listens to politics-related shows in 2017 came from the United States. Australia, on the other hand, was responsible for 50% of all listens to shows tagged with ‘training’, aka workout mixes.

Another fascinating nugget from 2017 was the fact 68% of listens to tango shows came from Greece, a country where tango has massively increased in popularity over the past few years.

Go Greece!

‘And the winners were….’

2017 was another great year for our Online Radio Awards. It was perhaps the most diverse year yet, with 30 winners spread across a variety of categories, including three new awards for the ‘Rising Stars’ of online radio.

Remember, the Online Radio Awards is free to enter and is a fantastic opportunity for independent DJs, radio presenters and stations to get recognition for the amazing work they do throughout the year.

Find out more about the awards and the 2017 winners here.

Best of 2017

So which profiles came out on top when it comes down to the most listener minutes in 2017? Here are the number one profiles split by genre:

Most listened-to radio station: NTS Radio

Most listened-to label profile: Defected Records

Most listened-to magazine/blog: Stamp The Wax

Most listened-to beats and bass profile: DJ Blighty

Most listened-to dance profile: John Digweed

Most listened-to eclectic profile: DJ Dimsa

Most listened-to jazz/funk/soul profile: Jazzcat

Meanwhile, the biggest and best shows in 2017 were:

Most listened-to show in 2017: ‘Vol 23’ by Maestros del Ritmo

Most listened-to female show in 2017: ‘Yearmix 2016’ by Juicy M

Most favorited show in 2017: ‘Summer 17 Mix’ by Nathan Dawe

Thanks to all of our listeners, DJs, Podcasters and radio stations for an incredible year!