Best of 2017: Radio stations

Top 10 most listened to radio stations on Mixcloud in 2017

Most Listened To Radio Stations

Here at Mixcloud, we’ve been committed to redefining radio since our inception, so we’ve always eagerly watched what our global community of radio stations has produced.

The best radio shows have a particular energy that can’t be captured in any other medium. Here are the top 10 radio stations we spent the most minutes listening to on Mixcloud in 2017.

This list is calculated based on the total minutes listened per profile on Mixcloud.

10. Mi-Soul

Mi-Soul is committed to broadcasting the full range of soulful music. With a team of over 70 DJs, the station strikes “a fine balance between old and new music, paying homage to the past and provoking the future”.

9. Aristocrats FM

Broadcasting from Ukraine, Aristocrat FM’s programming covers everything from topical talk shows, disco mixes to comedy performances.


ΣΠΟΡ FM is a Greek sports radio station spanning the entire spectrum of the sports world. With close to 10 million listener minutes, the station’s success evidences the growing popularity of podcasts on Mixcloud.

7. Red Light Radio

Red Light Radio is an “online radio station broadcasting from a former prostitution window in the red light district of Amsterdam”. Profiled by us back in 2015, the station has gone from strength to strength since then.

6. Rádio FM

Rádio FM broadcasts alternative music from Slovakia and is dedicated to avoiding the commercial hits dominating the airwaves elsewhere. In any one week, you may expect to hear movie soundtracks, heavy metal or techno from Bratislava.

5. Soho Radio

Soho Radio transmits “an unrivalled mix of cultures, styles and genres”. Covering everything from pop to punk via reggae, soul and funk, this eclectic station is flying the flag for London’s world famous Soho region.

4. Radar Radio

Radar Radio is the sound of the global youth. Its ascent since its inception in 2014 has been nothing short of astronomical. Radar’s roster of homegrown presenters and its propensity to give opportunities to underground scenes worldwide meant that it was always at the cutting edge of 2017, which is reflected by its positioning in the top half of this list.

3. Worldwide FM

Part of Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide family, Worldwide FM has been one of our fastest growing radio stations this year. It’s managed to make an indelible mark on the online broadcasting landscape with its distinctive brand of eclecticism. Worldwide FM’s mission statement is: “Global club culture, legacy and beyond” and in our eyes, they’ve more than achieved that goal this year.

2. Brooklyn Radio

Brooklyn Radio has been committed to “supporting Brooklyn’s local DJs and music lovers since 2006”. Covering mixes across the entire musical orbit and talk shows on a wide range of subjects, the station is doing a great job of representing New York’s most populous borough.

1. NTS Radio

NTS Radio take home the number one spot for this most listened to radio station on Mixcloud in 2017. The station’s tagline is “Don’t Assume”, but you can safely assume that this online broadcasting giant will have been at the forefront of most discussions about online radio this year.

As evidence of its global ambitions, the NTS’ Los Angeles studio has really come into its own this year (and the Shanghai branch is bubbling up), whilst the core London and Manchester studios have continued to ensure our (electronic) airwaves have been enriched with experimental and eclectic vibrations.

Congratulations NTS!