Best of 2017: Ambient, chillout and lounge

Top 10 most listened to ambient, chillout and lounge profiles on Mixcloud in 2017

Best of Ambient, Chillout and Lounge

It seems we just can’t get enough of soothing ‘downtempo’ selections on Mixcloud. Ambient, chillout and lounge continue to be among the most popular genres on the platform.

A sign of our times, or just a reflection of our good taste? Who knows. But what we do know for sure are the top 10 ambient, chillout and lounge profiles we enjoyed the most in 2017.

This list is calculated based on the total minutes listened per profile:

10. Headphone Commute

A regular at the top of the Mixcloud charts, Headphone Commute specialises in expertly curated ambient and instrumental shows. You’ll struggle to find someone with more knowledge about the both old and new ambient music from all over the world.

9. Sequenchill

Malta’s Sequenchill is where you’ll find “moods and grooves designed to slow busy minds and sooth bothered souls”. Listeners will find an eclectic array of lounge-orientated genres, from jazz and balearic to world music.

8. Ms Skyrym

Spanning lounge-inspired house, electronica, jazz and even trance, Ms Skyrym is a prolific selector of self-described “beautiful music without borders or boundaries”.

7. Gelka

If you’re a fan of chillout, there’s a strong chance you’ve heard of Budapest-based ’emotional electronica’ band Gelka.

Releases on Café del Mar and self-released albums have propelled Gelka to one of the most recognisable names in this growing scene.

6. Raphaël Marionneau

Raphaël Marionneau is clearly passionate about what he does. As the founder of ‘abstrait’, he’s also a resident DJ, radio compiler, art-director, label and event manager.

The ‘abstrait sessions’ are a weekly broadcast, blending chillout, ambient, classical, solo piano, world, eclectic and electronica music to create the soundtrack for a moment.

5. DJ Linny

DJ Linny’s message is simple: “My passion is smooth jazz, R&B and of course lounge. Anything that makes you want to sit and chill after a hard day”.

This message clearly resonates with thousands of Mixcloud listeners, with Linny’s ‘Ocean Spray’ show appearing in our top 10 most listened to female shows of 2017.

4. Café del Mar Music

Famous for its sunsets and annual compilation series, Café del Mar is not only an Ibiza icon, but a globally recognised brand in chillout music.

The Café del Mar Music mix series is curated by Toni Simonen, with shows regularly reaching tens of thousands of plays.

3. Nick Francis

Quietmusic by Nick Francis is a 3 hour-long show that features “an eclectic and mellow mix of jazz, ambient textures, electronic and acoustic instrumentals, and vocal ballads”.

Each week Francis shares hour-long extracts from the show on Mixcloud, treating listeners to his trademark downtempo selections.

2. Low Light Mixes

Low Light Mixes launched as a blog in 2006 and has grown to become one of the most-followed profiles on Mixcloud with over 78,000 followers.

His imaginative approach to ambient music has won him praise in the Mixcloud community, and regularly combines modern classical, dub, field recordings and more.

1. Guido’s Lounge Café

A regular in our yearly ‘Best of’ lists, Guido’s Lounge Café is the go-to destination on Mixcloud for dreamy and instrumental chillout.

This year Guido has taken the number one spot; proving his ability to expertly craft relaxing and downtempo soundscapes.