Get the most out of Mixcloud with these simple tips and tricks.

1. Stand Out From The Crowd

The first thing people will notice about your show is the artwork. Make it unique and personal.

Why? The artwork will appear everywhere people listen to your show, from the Mixcloud website and apps to embedded widgets.

Avoid adding lots of text to your artwork. Small text can be hard to read on mobile devices so stick to the key information and rely on the visuals to do the rest.

Top tip: if you’re running a series, pick a consistent theme with your artwork. This means fans will become familiar with your shows and your artwork is more likely to stand out in their feeds.

Take a peek at Resident Advisor and Nicole Moudaber to see how it’s done.

2. Get Your Tags Right


Adding tags to your uploads is one of the best ways to help new fans find your shows.

You can add up to five tags. We recommend you use them all if you want to reach as many fans as possible.

It’s also important you tag your shows accurately. The more accurate the tags, the more likely your show will reach someone who’s interested in listening to it.

Nobody wants to find themselves listening to obscure Moroccan jazz when they search the techno tag. Well, some people might.

And focus on genres. There’s no point tagging your show name or artist name because these terms might already be discoverable in the title of your show.

Top tip: the smaller the genre, the more likely you are to appear in the charts because you’re up against fewer shows. Good to know, right? But don’t ignore the bigger genres. Tags like “house” and “EDM” are visited by more people, so pick wisely.

3. Shout About It

Let’s assume you’ve added all the right tags and designed some amazing artwork, but your shows aren’t reaching any new fans.

Sure, it might sound obvious, but you’ll find it hard to find new listeners unless you share your shows on Facebook, Twitter, forums and newsletters.

Think outside the box. Compliment your shows with engaging videos and photos on social media to capture people’s attention. Use your imagination to cut through the noise.

Top tip: don’t just share links. Think of a compelling hook for fans to listen to your show. When you post on social media, list all the new music and any exclusives you managed to get your hands on. Context is key!

4. Winners Take All


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the prospect of winning an awesome prize?

DJ contests are a big part of Mixcloud and they offer an opportunity to test yourself against thousands of other budding DJs.

But this is about more than just winning prizes. Entering a DJ contest will put your show and profile in front of thousands of other entrants, as well as industry judges and music brands. It could be a great chance to be heard and get recognised.

Check out the latest DJ contests here.

Top tip: look out for contests that match your skillset, but don’t be afraid to discover new sounds and explore exciting new genres. Take a good look at the judging criteria and give it your best shot.

5. Community Spirit

One of the best things about Mixcloud is the thriving community of passionate DJs, radio presenters and podcasters.

If you spend some time reaching out to other uploaders, you’ll find like-minded people who are enthusiastic about supporting each other’s shows.

You’ll discover communities of jazz aficionados and hip hop heads who will be happy to offer you tips and tricks on promoting your shows.

Top tip: be active. Comment and share other people’s shows, and re-post ones you think match your vibe. Some of the most popular profiles on Mixcloud have grown from close-knit communities who share each other’s shows.

6. Embed Shows On Your Website


You’ll be surprised how many people listen to Mixcloud shows without actually visiting our website or apps. Some of our most successful DJs and radio stations have used Mixcloud widgets to increase their followers and get as many plays as possible.

If you run a website or blog, our widgets come in a number of different designs to make is as easy as possible to embed your shows.

Whether it’s an individual show or playlist, you can choose from a variety of sizes and styles so the widget fits seamlessly into your website. You can also embed a permanent widget for your profile, which is a great way to encourage people who visit your website to follow you on Mixcloud.

Find out more about our widgets here.

Top tip: not everyone has the time to run a website or blog, but don’t let this hold you back. Blogs are always on the hunt for exciting news shows to talk about. Try approaching any that are similar to your style and find out if they’re interested in supporting you.

And don’t forget it’s not just about widgets. Make sure you add a Mixcloud social icon linking back to your profile and include a link to your Mixcloud profile in your email signature. Every little bit helps.

Mixcloud’s Head of Community Xanthe also explains how you can get the most out of your profile here