Mixcloud offers rich pool of Podcasts on Sonos


When Mixcloud teamed up with Sonos to integrate platforms, it opened up tens of thousands of Podcasts which you can listen to directly and comfortably from your Sonos app, straight from the comfort of your home (or office, like we do here at Mixcloud HQ).

There are millions of hours of quality radio and Podcasts on Mixcloud, now accessible through the Sonos app; Mixcloud is arguably one of the richest pools of Podcast content, and one of best ways to listen to Podcasts on Sonos.

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Adding Mixcloud to Sonos is simple

Once you’ve clicked on ‘Add Music Services’ (see above pic), select Mixcloud and simply log-in through the Sonos app using your Mixcloud account details or create an account if you (still!) don’t have one. After you’ve done this once, you’ll not need to do it again.

You will then have access to some of the finest Podcasts available online: from current affairs programs to educational stuff by none other than Harvard Business School; science podcasts by The Guardian; Monocle 24 (hailed as a ‘meeting between Foreign Policy and Vanity Fair’), and plenty of other genres, such as technology, food, sport, lifestyle – and of course, popular shows such as Serial. 

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Select Talk on the desktop or mobile app

Choose Mixcloud on your Sonos app and you will see an option titled ‘Talk’. When selected, it will lead you to the wide variety of Podcasts you can listen to on Sonos through Mixcloud – organised by the categories below.

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You can also search for your favourite Podcast using the Sonos search feature – make sure you have selected ‘Search Mixcloud’.

Once you’ve discovered the many Podcasts available through Mixcloud on Sonos, you’ll not need to look far for some top audio entertainment.