Mixcloud Celebrates 1 Million Curators Milestone, And What It Means

Today, we’re incredibly proud to reveal that more than 1 million Curators have chosen to upload their radio shows, DJ mixes, and Podcasts to Mixcloud. They include household name DJs and artists, radio stations, bedroom hobbyists, Podcasters, festivals, venues, and many others. As diverse as their background and music are, what they all have in common is a desire to find and share new music with the world.

This is an important milestone for not just Mixcloud, but the music industry at large. For starters, it justifies our original vision of connecting listeners to Curators. A service like Mixcloud can be a sort of chicken-and-egg situation — listeners won’t use the service if there’s no music for them to stream, and Curators won’t upload their content to the platform if there are no listeners to hear it. With a million different Curators now engaged with the platform, we’re well past that tipping point. We could never have attracted one million of them if they didn’t find Mixcloud a valuable tool to reach fans and promote their art.

Here’s what some of our top contributors have to say about Mixcloud:

Mixcloud is the online platform where I’ve been able to express myself to the worldwide community.  Right now, I’m playing in the middle of the Indian Ocean, on an island thanks to the people here, but also thanks to Mixcloud as they’ve learned to know me via your platform.  I am grateful for this and happy you guys exist.

Discovering Mixcloud back in 2009 totally changed the dynamic of the LDBK radio show by allowing us to reach a wide international audience and connect with an international network of DJs, creatives and listeners. Mixcloud combines the storytelling / curation aspects of FM radio and the power streaming.

“Mixcloud is a great platform for radio stations. No tricky tech setups – you just host your complete archives here and everything is available for on-demand streaming instantly. Another great feature for someone who uploads a variety of shows is the playlist option that allows you to separate out your content in a more digestible way. In the end it’s all about the community though. Mixcloud allows us to extend our reach and connect with a global audience that’s passionate about music! Actually this is a good time to shoutout our biggest fanbases outside of New York: London, Tokyo & Moscow, what’s good?!”
      Brooklyn Radio

Additionally, it proves that a licensed digital music startup is a viable business if executed properly. Plenty of digital music services have come and gone over the past few years we’ve been in the game. This has caused many analysts and investors to cast doubt on the business of streaming music due to the economics involved.

But our longevity is proof that a lean, well-managed approach to music and radio streaming can work. We’ve licensed music and paid rightsholders since day one, and developed a revenue model that makes sense for all concerned. We’ve worked with such companies as Coca Cola, Red Bull, Honda, and adidas on campaigns that show how brands can authentically engage fans through music experiences.

And we’ve done it all with a teamof about 15 passionate, amazing people, and without raising a dime in funding.

But enough about us. We’re celebrating this milestone by releasing some interesting data about how both Curators and listeners use the service. Collectively, our 1 million Curators have contributed more than 10 million shows to the Mixcloud platform, all longform audio averaging over an hour each. On any given month, a third of the curators with content available on the platform have their shows played, and listeners on average stream over 2 million unique shows a month.

Read on for more details on the most popular Curators based on minutes listened, the most popular genres, and more.

The top curators based on total minutes streamed:

  1. Above & Beyond
  2. LDBK Radio
  3. John Digweed
  4. Carl Cox
  5. DJ Dimsa
  6. NTS Radio
  7. Jazzcat
  8. Brooklyn Radio
  9. LeFtO
  10. Adam Beyer

Most popular genres based on total minutes streamed:

  1. House (Deep House, Electro House, Tech House): 36%
  2. Urban (Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae): 16%
  3. Funk, Soul and Jazz: 12%
  4. Trance = 8%
  5. Techno = 5%

When listeners use Mixcloud across platforms: