Mixcloud Masters: John Digweed

This is where we celebrate the Mixcloud Masters, the most dedicated and successful curators on Mixcloud.

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One of the planet’s most popular DJs, John Digweed‘s sets never fall out of favour with clubbers the world over and his Transitions radio show is one of the world’s most successful dance music shows.

Here’s what he had to say about using Mixcloud as a platform for his shows:

Tell the Mixcloud community about your Mixcloud profile and how it got started.

I’ve had a radio show most of my career – first, of course, on Kiss 100 in London and then we launched Transitions as a worldwide radio show which is now heard in over 80 countries.

I’m always looking for new ways to reach new audiences with it and when podcasts were first invented we launched a version of the show on the platform. I was one of the first DJs to do so. The Transitions podcasts actually existed before iTunes launched the feature.


The success was huge but as a label boss, it didn’t feel right – almost all podcasts are illegal as you’re effectively giving away other people’s music to download. This is the reason there is no Transitions podcast to download and I am proud we made that decision.

Shortly after, Mixcloud came to my attention and it has been the online home ever since alongside another online station. Streaming is the future – no download button needed!

How long have you been doing the cloudcasts, and what do you hope to achieve with them?

We’re on episode 624 now:

… and my ethos has never changed, that being, to find the best electronic music every week and also give some incredible new DJs a platform to be heard worldwide by doing a guest mix. The show also allows me to play music I love but that wouldn’t necessarily work in a club.

Do you have a few favourites or recommendations from the series? What makes them special?

Transitions 500 was a standout show – it’s the only show we have ever done live and it was broadcast from my annual Sunset Cruise party in Miami. Hopefully we can do that again someday.

What can we expect in the future from you and your forthcoming shows?

It’s always a great way to preview forthcoming projects like artist albums and “live in” albums. To see the amount of people that listen to the shows as soon as they go up is incredible, each week we hit number 1 and each week the numbers keep on going up, the fanbase is getting bigger and bigger as the word spreads about where to get a weekly dose of the best electronic music out there.

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