Mixcloud Masters: DJ Vadim

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DJ Vadim Masters 2.001

DJ Vadim aka Daddy Vad has been rocking the turntables since 1989 and has been uploading to Mixcloud for over seven years.


Here’s what he had to say about his Mixcloud output:

Tell the Mixcloud community a bit about your Mixcloud profile and how it got started.

I can’t remember the exact date I started but I remember my friend Ben Dawson told me, ‘Hey check out Mixcloud, it’s a platform to host ya DJ mixes.’ I was very late when it came to Facebook and Twitter so this time round I thought, ‘Let’s go’. I started recording my DJ sets and uploading them. Kinda grew from there. It’s fantastic now that people come and listen and trust me for their audio pleasure!


How long have you been doing the shows and what do you hope to achieve with them?

I just want to get the music out there and highlight the DJ side of my persona. There are other platforms where people can hear my productions but Mixcloud is great for the DJ mix.


Do you have a few favourites or recommendations from the series? What makes them special?

The great thing with mixes is you never know which ones are gonna hit. Some I think, ‘Hey people are gonna love this’ but sometimes it’s the ones you least expect that get the people salivating and wanting more!!! Like:


It’s amazing that a few mixes now have over 50k plays and the one with Mr Critical will hit 100k!!:


What can we expect in the future from you and your forthcoming shows?

I am gonna keep throwing curve balls and digging deep. More reggae, hip hop, soul and jungle. Gonna throw in some afro beats, funk and latin too. Hey, it’s summer and I live in Barcelona!!!!

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