Straightline Takeover Mix

We’re very proud to be hosting Straightline, a series produced by the award winning Prison Radio Association (a charity that aims to reduce crime using the power of radio).

If you’re a DJ, we want you to get involved!


Straightline broadcasts on National Prison Radio from 8-10pm every Friday and is then hosted on Mixcloud.

Check out the first show:


To celebrate the launch, they want DJs like you to create your own takeover show or mix to add to their lineup of shows and encourage awareness of the series.

National Prison Radio broadcasts via an in-cell television system, and for many prisoners it’s the only contact they have with music. As well as music based shows, the schedule is packed with shows that cover serious and important issues to help prisoners educate themselves.

The station reaches and supports 80,000 prisoners across England and Wales and is there to help reduce reoffending. Music is a key part of that process.


It isn’t easy accessing music in prisons as prisoners can’t get online, and many don’t even have a radio. Music keeps the morale of the community within the prison high. For many of the listeners, music is just one way of remaining connected to family and friends. These relationships are fundamental for successful rehabilitation.

If you’re interested in sharing your talents and helping our communities support those who want to change their lives, by making a show for them, please get in touch. You won’t need to give up loads of time, or even leave your own studio or bedroom. You can use an activity you already love doing to help others!


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