Mixcloud Masters: Carl Cox

It’s time to celebrate the Mixcloud Masters, the most dedicated and successful curators on Mixcloud.


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Carl Cox is a long-term friend of Mixcloud and has been uploading his Carl Cox Global show to a huge audience every Monday for years. Today he begins a 15 week special marking the end of his residency at Space Ibiza:

We asked him a few questions about his show:

Can you tell the Mixcloud community a bit about your Carl Cox Global radio show and how it got started?

My radio show has been airing for almost 15 years. The internet then was very different to now and at that time almost no one had a weekly radio show which aired around the world. Options for streaming online were limited and never sounded great – who wants to listen to techno when it buffered every other second?

When Mixcloud launched my producer was excited about the team and it’s plans and also that they were doing the right thing by obtaining the correct music licenses and paying royalties – something very important to me. The rest is history.

How long have you been doing the radio show and what do you hope to achieve with it?

We started around episode 416 on Mixcloud:


We are now getting close to episode 700 at the end of the summer which will be around the time of my last ever closing party at Space in Ibiza. The show airs in almost 100 countries every week and we are proud that Mixcloud is the home of the show online and that’s an audience we want to build and build over the coming months.

Do you have a few favorites or recommendations from the series? What makes them special?

I can honestly say even 15 years later the show continues to get better and better. Standout moments include our annual coverage of highlights from Ibiza, here’s the first one we ever did:



The latest started again this week and will last all summer:



One of the biggest reactions ever on Mixcloud is when I did a 2 hour Drum and Bass mix:



There are also a few funk and soul specials in the series too:



What can we expect in the future from you and your forthcoming radio shows?

This summer it is all about Ibiza. After 15 years this will be my final season as a resident on the island and I hope to see all my Mixcloud regulars down the front. Every one of these parties will go down in history. As for the radio show, we are just freshening things up now with a whole new branding package. We are working again with the Vika Kova who has done all the voice overs since we started our Revolution theme:



And the new opener is even bigger than the last! We are also about to announce plans for our 700th show which of course will be streamed on Mixcloud as soon as it happens.

…Thank you to the team at Mixcloud for doing things right and everyone that supports the show week in week out. See you in Ibiza.


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