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Best of 2015: Magazines & Blogs


Some of the most influential music magazines and blogs in the industry upload mixes to Mixcloud as part of their content. Here are the top 25. Mixcloud Best of 2015: Magazines & Blogs.

1. FvF
FvF is an international interview magazine that portrays people of diverse creative and cultural backgrounds in their homes and within their daily working environments. Their content aspires to present multifaceted personal perspectives that offer impressions of cities, various artistic industries and international urban living. By introducing real people from around the world with an honest and authentic approach, FvF attracts a global readership and remains borderless. Here they present their bespoke mixtapes composed by DJs and musicians from their circle.
2. XLR8R
From Los Angeles in America, XLR8R boasts over 22 years of ‘accelerating music & culture’. XLR8R is an online magazine that covers music, culture, style, and technology. Every week they upload a show featuring the most underground and cutting edge artists. Recent shows include Scuba, Marymoon and Steve Bug.
3. Stamp The Wax
Stamp The Wax are an online music magazine from ‘London, Bristol, Brighton and beyond’. They won the 2015 Mixcloud Online Radio Award for best funk / soul music radio show and their chilled Monday mixtapes continue to make waves amongst Mixcloud fans. They occasionally put on parties and host a fortnightly show on Radar Radio.
4. DJcity
DJcity is a DJ record pool and home for news for DJs. Based in Los Angeles in the US, they upload a number of shows a week covering a wide range of genres. Recent shows have included DJ Myster, DJ NASA, DJ Omi and Shiftee. Listen to their show and read their blog to be a part of true DJ culture.
They describe themselves as ‘the world’s most on-it music magazine’ and their shows go a long way to reinforce that sentiment. Consistently great content with quality artwork to grab the attention of the casual browser. Recent shows have included Dark0, Amy Becker, Hodge and Wolf Eyes.


7. Trance Worldwide 

8. DJcity Japan

9. Radio X-Track

10. Music Is My Sanctuary

11. DJ Premier Blog Radio

12. Dephect

13. Enter.

14. Jenkem

15. Mixmag

16. Soundwall Mag

17. Bonafide Magazine

18. a strangely isolated place

19. Highsnobiety

20. Dazed

21. The Diggers Union

22. The Find Mag

23. Test Pressing

24. Discogs